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Financing a Car from a Different State with Bad Credit

Credit challenged car buyers can purchase a vehicle from an out-of-state dealer. But before doing this and if they live in a state that charges a vehicle sales tax, they should check to see if the dealer’s state is reciprocal. If it isn’t, they need to arrange with the dealer to have a check cut back to them for tax, title and registration fees. Otherwise, these buyers will have to come up with the money out of their own pockets. Continue reading

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Private Party Loans with Bad Credit

Because of the higher risks involved with subprime loans, credit-challenged borrowers usually can’t get approved for a car loan if they’re considering buying a vehicle from a private party. Continue reading

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Dependable Cars with Problem Credit

One of the keys a successful subprime auto loan is financing a vehicle that’s dependable. In that regard, the latest findings from J.D. Power and Associates should help credit-challenged borrowers select the right vehicle. Continue reading

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Are Down Payments Determined Solely by Dealers?

Dealers don’t determine the down payment amount on car loans, lenders do. In addition to increasing the chances the loan will be paid off, car buyers with tarnished credit should view down payments as a way to reduce interest charges as well as a way of contributing to the success of their credit repair efforts. Continue reading

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Least Expensive Cars to Own

So what’s the moral of the story? It’s simple. You can save a lot more money by simply choosing the right car than by working a great deal on the wrong car. This is doubly true if you have bad credit and you’re working with a tight budget. Continue reading

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How Moving Violations Affect Car Insurance Costs

Consumers with bad credit should note that even the lowest car insurance premium increase of 6 percent in the study is significant, while an increase of 100 to 200 percent could easily break many budgets. This, in turn, could have the effect of running those borrowers off the road to better credit. Continue reading

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Best Used Cars with Tarnished Credit

Consumers, especially those with tarnished credit, should avoid used cars with poor reliability as the odds of paying for costly repairs on top of a monthly car payment increase for these vehicles. Continue reading

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