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Author Archives: Steve Cypher

Best in Resale New Cars for Credit Challenged Buyers

Borrowers, especially those with past credit issues on tight budgets, should never confuse price with cost. Price is what you pay for a vehicle while cost includes the overall expenses including gas, insurance, maintenance and depreciation. Continue reading

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Newer Cars Stolen Less

In addition to being nearly as affordable due to lender programs and generally having fewer miles, newer used cars are less likely to be stolen and, if they are, more likely to be recovered than older model used cars. Continue reading

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Government to Further Restrict Military Payday Lenders

The new definition of consumer credit, as it relates to the Military Lending Act, recently proposed by the Department of Defense could go a long way toward protecting members of the U.S. military from predatory lending practices. Continue reading

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Cheapest New Cars in October for Problem Credit Buyers

When offered the chance to buy a new car, we suggest credit-challenged buyers pick one that’s affordable, fuel efficient and inexpensive to insure. Consumers who follow this advice, once they’ve reestablished their credit, will be in a much better position for their next loan. Continue reading

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Avoid Online Payday Lenders

Storefront payday loans are bad and online payday loans are even worse. Cash-strapped consumers – especially those with poor credit – should check with banks, credit unions, their church, local charities and even relatives and friends first before turning to a payday lender. Continue reading

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Now Is Still A Good Time for Bad Credit Auto Loans

The latest credit trends are a mixed bag for problem credit borrowers. On one hand, lenders continue to work with

credit-challenged borrowers. On the other hand, average loan amounts are escalating, which translates to an increase in the average interest expense of these loans – something that should be avoided. Continue reading

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What is a Car Straw Purchase Deal?

Vehicle straw purchases are considered fraudulent and usually occur when a consumer with good credit purchases a new or used car for someone with poor credit who cannot qualify for an auto loan. Continue reading

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The Latest Costco Auto Program and Bad Credit Buyers

The Costco GM Holiday Sales Event represents a good deal for car buyers – but, unfortunately, it leaves out those vehicles that most shoppers with poor credit can afford. Continue reading

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Credit Scores and Interest Rates

Although no one can predict what a particular credit-challenged individual’s car loan interest rate will be before their application is reviewed by both a dealership special finance manager and lender, the information from LendingTree can serve as a rough guide as to what they might be able to expect. Continue reading

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Reliable Used Cars for People with Bad Credit

Credit-challenged borrowers should stay away from used cars with poor as the odds of paying for costly repairs on top of the monthly car payment increase for these vehicles. Continue reading

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