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Heartbleed Bug and Credit Repair

How the latest online security vulnerability could even affect consumers with less than perfect credit Continue reading

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How Credit Cards Help Car Loans

But a car loan is only installment credit and if these consumers are seriously interest in credit repair, they’ll also need to reestablish at least one line of revolving credit. The easiest way to do this is to get approved for some type of credit card. Continue reading

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The Best Way to Buy a Used Car with Poor Credit

Why a used car inspection is one of the best things buyers with damaged credit can do for success during an auto loan. Continue reading

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Combining Negative Equity and a Low Credit Score

The difficulty of dealing with a low credit score, combined with negative equity in a car can create very real problems for people. Here is our advice. Continue reading

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More Incentives for GM Military Discount

Last week General Motors announced an enhancement to their military discount program that could potentially help members of the military with problem credit. Continue reading

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Best New Car Deals in October for Problem Credit Buyers

Here at Auto Credit Express we often get questions from car shoppers searching for online car loans that go something like this: “if I have terrible credit will I qualify for any kind of car loan and if I do can I finance a new vehicle?” Continue reading

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Buying a Fraudulent Used Car

we still believe consumers with bad credit should be aware of what can happen if they are contemplating going the private seller route for their next vehicle once they have reestablished their credit. Continue reading

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GMAC Insurance Answers Car Service Contract Questions

Over the years we have noticed that car buyers, especially those consumers with poor credit who have recently been approved for an auto loan, can be taken in by the sales pitches from telemarketers touting used car service contracts. Continue reading

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The Truth about Zero Down Payment Car Deals

Car buyers with damaged credit usually want to know if they can quality for an auto loan with a zero down payment. The answer in most cases is “no” – unless they have a trade-in with enough equity to meet the lender’s conditions. Continue reading

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Affordable Cars for Buyers with Problem Credit

For car shoppers with poor credit there are a number of advantages to financing a used vehicle with an auto loan from a subprime lender. Continue reading

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