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Subprime Car Loans Improve Credit Scores

The latest analysis from Equifax shows that credit scores do improve after credit-challenged borrowers take out an auto loan

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Hyundai Capital America to offer Free FICO Scores

It’s absolutely critical that borrowers, especially those with tarnished credit, understand the information contained in their credit reports and know at least one of their credit scores. So, while one credit report from each CRA per year is free, it’s also reassuring to know that lenders such as Hyundai Motor Finance and Kia Motors Finance are beginning to furnish the all-important FICO score to their customers at no charge. Continue reading

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Cheapest New Car Deals in February 2015

Credit-challenged borrowers who choose one of these affordable cars and pick the shortest loan term possible will find that, once they’ve reestablished their credit, they’ll be in a much better position for their next loan. Continue reading

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The Approval Process with Bad Credit

Since subprime lenders typically only do business indirectly through their dealership partners, applicants with less than perfect credit won’t know if they’re approved until after they’ve visited the dealership, been interviewed by the finance manager, turned over the required documentation and had their credit application submitted to a lender. Continue reading

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Hyundai Continues Down Payment Program

Hyundai’s renewed partnership with the free social savings website BoostUp represents a great opportunity for credit-challenged borrowers to save up even more money towards a down payment on an affordable new car. Continue reading

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Buying a Car with an Unfixed Recall

The tools offered by both the NHTSA as well as Carfax should help car buyers and owners, including those with less than perfect credit, by ensuring the vehicles they drive or plan on purchasing are as safe as possible and subject to no open recalls. Continue reading

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Qualifying for a Car Loan with Tarnished Credit

The minimum qualifications for a subprime car loan include meeting some basic income, employment, repossession, bankruptcy, reference, driver license and age requirements. Continue reading

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Small Used Cars Getting Cheaper

The good news is that, on average, wholesale prices for compact cars dropped 1.1 percent in December. Manheim explains that the reason for this price drop was consumers moving “to CUVs and mid-sized cars.” Continue reading

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Used Cars and Stolen Vehicle Clones

Through vehicle cloning, used car fraudsters have found yet another way to separate unwary buyers from their hard-earned cash. This trap can be avoided by following the tips supplied by the NICB and also remembering that “if a used car deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Continue reading

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How Claims Affect Car Insurance Costs

In addition to growing older and improving their FICO scores, consumers can save on their car insurance premiums by limiting both the

number and types of claims they submit to their insurers. Continue reading

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