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Author Archives: Steve Cypher

Still Room for Subprime Auto Loan Growth

The latest forecast from TransUnion predicts more growth in the subprime car loan sector – good news for credit-challenged car buyers. At the same time, these borrowers need to be aware their credit situation, have a down payment, pick an affordable vehicle and choose the shortest loan term possible in order to give themselves the best chance of success. Continue reading

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Is It Time to Trade in Your Car?

December is typically a good time to buy a new car since manufacturers are set on attaining their year-end sales goals. Buyers with a trade-in could also benefit from higher than normal used car values, so it looks like this month might be a good time to trade in that old ride on a new one. Continue reading

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Avoiding Holiday Car Theft

By following these tips from H.E.A.T., car owners should have a much better chance of keeping the holidays bright. Continue reading

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Overstating Income with Problem Credit

Be especially careful when filling out a credit application, making sure all the information entered – especially income – is accurate. If a dealer advises overstating income, the best thing to do is to walk away from the deal and the dealer. Continue reading

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Reliable Cars for Credit Challenged Buyers

Before choosing a small car, credit-challenged borrowers might want to check out the latest “best and worst” list from Consumer Reports. Continue reading

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Simple Interest Explained

There are a number of advantages to simple interest loans, not the least of which is the ability to pay one off sooner and reduce the interest charges without any penalty. The downside, however, is that additional interest charges and penalties can add up quickly if payments aren’t made on time – especially during the first half of the loan. Continue reading

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What is the Loan Amount if I Have Bad Credit?

The question “How much will I get approved for?”, especially for credit-challenged car buyers, can only be answered after a lender has taken a close look at their income, debts, credit score and other aspects of their credit profile. Continue reading

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Car Loans Hit Record Highs

With monthly payments and loan terms increasing, buyers with poor credit who understand their credit reports, know their credit scores and have at least ten to fifteen percent cash down and/or trade equity will have a better chance of getting their application for an auto loan approved. Continue reading

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Social Security Numbers and Car Loans

For the past two decades at Auto Credit Express, consumers have entrusted us with their personally identifiable information. We have never taken this trust lightly and, during that time, we’ve maintained top marks with the Better Business Bureau as well as Google +. Continue reading

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Auto Loan Delinquency Rates Continue to Rise

Although the subprime auto loan market continues to thrive, borrowers with large down payments and lower loan to value ratios will continue to have a better chance of getting financed. Continue reading

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