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What is a Conditional Sales Contract?

Credit challenged consumers should check their sales contract carefully before signing on the dotted line especially for Conditional Sales Contracts. Continue reading

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Cities With Worst Traffic This Thanksgiving

More jobs and less expensive gas are usually good things, but throw in the Thanksgiving holiday and drivers across America could be facing longer delays this year as they wend their way to family get-togethers.

That bit of information is courtesy of the annual Thanksgiving Traffic Forecast from INRIX, a big data technology company whose global headquarters are located in Kirkland, Washington. Continue reading

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Weekly Car Payment Options for Poor Credit Buyers

While Auto Credit Express is not a lender, a number of dealers in our network do offer weekly payment options. Looking at both the indirect monthly subprime loan payment schedule as well as the buy here pay here weekly loan payment schedule, whichever one a consumer chooses will generally depend upon their current credit situation. Continue reading

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Auto Loan Delinquency Rates Rising

With loan delinquencies on the rise, especially in the subprime sector, buyers who know their credit scores, credit report and have cash down and/or trade equity will have a better chance of getting their car loan application approved. Continue reading

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Getting a Car Loan with an Expired Drivers License

Despite the fact that a lender can approve a car loan even if the applicant has an expired license, the loan cannot be funded and the title to the vehicle cannot be transferred without a valid insurance policy in the borrower’s name – something that will not happen if the borrower has an expired driver’s license. Continue reading

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How Subprime Car Loans Work

Credit-challenged buyers usually can’t buy a vehicle from a private party because subprime lenders only loan indirectly through dealerships. Auto Credit Express is not a lender, so we can’t tell borrowers what their interest rate will be – only the dealer will know that. Continue reading

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Comparing New Car Leasing to Lease to Own Financing

While new car leasing and lease to own car financing may sound very similar, there are major differences between them including potential vehicle ownership, credit checks, down payments, the types of vehicles involved as well as maintenance costs. Continue reading

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Best New Cars for Problem Credit Buyers

When given the choice of financing a new car, we suggest that buyers with credit issues choose an affordable compact or subcompact – vehicles that are also fuel efficient and inexpensive to insure. Opting for the shortest loan term possible, once they’ve reestablished their credit these consumers will be in a much better position for their next loan. Continue reading

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Credit Unions to Concentrate on Auto Loans

The latest credit union report from TransUnion has some good news and some bad news for consumers with less than perfect credit. The good news is that they plan on increasing the number of car loans they offer. The bad news is that they also plan on keeping their risk levels low. But despite the mixed results, we still believe even buyers with credit problems should first explore the possibility of a car loan with their credit union before checking out other lenders. Continue reading

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Best Certified Used Car Programs From IntelliChoice

Credit-challenged consumers have to decide for themselves if the added price of a certified used car makes sense. The information contained in the IntelliChoice report, however, should serve as a guide for those borrowers considering a certified pre-owned vehicle. Continue reading

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