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Avoiding Unaffordable Cars with Problem Credit

The fact is that borrowers, especially those who are credit-challenged, should always maximize the down payment amount while keeping both the loan term and payment-to-income ratio to a minimum. By following these guidelines, buyers can avoid financing an unaffordable car. Continue reading

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IIHS Recommends Safe Cars for Teen Drivers

Even if you don’t have a teenager, it pays to buy the safest car you can afford – whether your credit is great or less than perfect. Tin this instance, the new report from the IIHS can go a long way to steering you towards the right vehicle. Continue reading

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GM Unveils Educator Discount Program

Even if they quality, borrowers with iffy credit need to remember that they must follow certain guidelines set by the lender. In this instance it means that once the lender has determined their vehicle budget and interest rate, it’s up to the dealership to show them the cars that fit within those requirements. Continue reading

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Ten Cheapest New Cars for July 2014

In some cases credit-challenged buyers may be given the option of financing a new car. Given this option, choosing a vehicle from this list of affordable new cars will enable these consumers to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive new car warranty while keeping the payments within their budgets Continue reading

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Manheim Reports Rise in Used Car Prices

Lacking a crystal ball, it’s difficult to determine the right time to buy a used car. And while used car prices may moderate this fall, there’s always the chance that, despite the availability of loans, interest rates could rise. In other words, holding off for a better price could be offset by an increase in interest rates. Continue reading

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Buying Certified Used Cars with Poor Credit

CPO vehicles offer a number of advantages over those that aren’t certified. Just be sure paying the extra money for one makes sense. Continue reading

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Three More States Help Problem Credit Car Buyers

Even with the rise in new car sales to consumers with bad credit, the majority of subprime car loans are still secured by a used car. This means that the latest announcement from the Department of Justice should be especially good news for credit-challenged car buyers, as it gives these purchasers another tool to prevent them from becoming a victim of fraud. Continue reading

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Automakers Finance Offer Free FICO Scores to Borrowers

The latest program from both Hyundai and Kia is certainly a step in the right direction by offering free, updated FICO scores to borrowers. Unfortunately for most credit-challenged car buyers, not only is its focus too narrow, what’s left unsaid is the minimum credit score or profile required to qualify for it. Continue reading

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NADA Lists Best Fourth of July New Car Deals

Even with credit scores that fall into the subprime range, a number of these car buyers may still qualify for the consumer rebates, bonus cash and, usually, dealer cash offered on these vehicles – savings that will help lower the monthly payment and overall finance costs of a subprime auto loan. Continue reading

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Auto Loan Terms Continue to Increase

The trend toward longer loans and higher payments is not a good one – especially for borrowers with problem credit – as this increases interest charges as well as the length of time a borrower is upside down in the loan.

Borrowers with credit issues, in particular, should keep the loan term and amount financed as low as possible so they can trade out earlier and into another vehicle with a more manageable interest rate. Continue reading

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