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Tips To Keep Kids Buckled In

You already know the damage that can happen when you don’t wear a seatbelt, but the little ones in your back seat may need a little more convincing. Continue reading

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Find Bad Credit Financing In 3 Easy Steps

In the past, many of found that obtaining an auto loan was not the simplest task; even less so if your credit isn’t sparkling. Today, you can find help. Continue reading

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Is Leasing a Car a Good Idea?

It’s easy to fall in love with a shiny new leased car, however, few people consider that there are some negatives to leasing that should be seriously looked at before signing. Continue reading

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Why Most People Fail to Find Bad Credit Financing

At Auto Credit Express, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands find the assistance they need to get back on the road again. So why is it that so many other people have still failed to find the financing they need? Continue reading

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How NOT to Spend Your Tax Refund Well

For most of us, getting your refund check is about as close to winning the lottery as most of us will get. So what should or shouldn’t you do with your yearly ‘winnings’? Continue reading

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Mazda’s Unusual Recall

It seems to be the season of recalls; it seems like a new manufacturer is added to the list everyday. However, one of the more recent recalls is likely to give you the creeps. Continue reading

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What You Need in a Minivan

Some people fight it to the end, while others embrace it. It’s the minivan, and if you have a large family you likely already either have one, or are considering one. Continue reading

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Dealing With Bankruptcy When You Need a Loan

Applying for a loan when you’re not financially fit can be stressful enough. However, when you add bankruptcy to the mix it can be more then some people can handle. Continue reading

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How Soon Should I Buy a Car After Bankruptcy?

Some who file for a chapter 7 or chapter 13 Bankruptcy find that they may lose their vehicles. If you can find alternative modes of transportation, you should wait until your credit begins to improve again. For others that need a car now, there are some options. Continue reading

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Refinance – The Magic Undo Button

What if you could go back and wipe out that outrageous loan rate when you took out that bad credit car loan? While refinancing your vehicle isn’t as easy as ctr + z, it certainly can undo some of your past mistakes! Continue reading

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