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Best Car Buying Tips for Families on a Budget

Credit challenged consumers should be on the lookout for used cars with water damage that might soon be flooding the market Continue reading

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What are the Benefits of a Military Auto Loan?

Military auto financing can provide you with more financial and credit opportunities in times when they are usually unavailable to others. They also offer ways to work with you during unique circumstances often presented in the military. Continue reading

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Is There a Minimum Amount for Auto Financing?

There is not one set minimum amount one has to pay when it comes to vehicle financing, however there is a general consensus when it comes to auto loan financing. Continue reading

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What Leads to Bankruptcy?

There are a several things that can result in one having to file for bankruptcy. Here are a few. Continue reading

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Auto Credit Express and Summit Place Kia Team Up to Fundraise for the Veterans Treatment Court

Auto Credit Express and Summit Place Kia are proud to announce their success in the 4th Annual LaLonde Charity’s Golf Outing event in efforts to support our Veterans at the Veterans Treatment Court who are battling with alcohol and substance abuse. Continue reading

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How can I Build My Credit if I Don’t Have a Job?

For stay at home parents and other non-working adults, getting a credit card these days can be difficult, however it is very possible. Continue reading

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Creating a Successful Budget

It’s annoying, boring and tedious. However the only way to have secure financial success is by budgeting your spending habits. Continue reading

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Why was I Denied for Auto Financing?

There are several factors that could possibly cause you to be denied for auto financing; the good news though, is you can often correct these issues. Continue reading

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Why Bankruptcy Isn’t the End of the World

When things get out of hand and you are left with no other option than to file for Bankruptcy, it’s easy to feel defeated and like everything is hopeless. But it doesn’t have to be. Continue reading

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How Can Auto Financing Help Me After a Divorce?

Divorce is already devastating enough. After you get clear of the personal whirlwind, you are left to focus on the business at hand – dealing with the financial fallout. Continue reading

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