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Preparing for a Subprime Car Loan

A little preparation up front can save a lot of exasperation in the long run when it comes to applying for a subprime car loan. Continue reading

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What are the Benefits of a Military Auto Loan?

Military auto financing can provide you with more financial and credit opportunities in times when they are usually unavailable to others. They also offer ways to work with you during unique circumstances often presented in the military. Continue reading

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Is There a Minimum Amount for Auto Financing?

There is not one set minimum amount one has to pay when it comes to vehicle financing, however there is a general consensus when it comes to auto loan financing. Continue reading

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Car Loan Refinance with Poor Credit

Although many borrowers are unaware of the advantages of auto loan refinancing, consumers with low credit scores need to realize that they may not quality for this loan option, especially if their loan is fairly recent. Continue reading

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Avoiding Unaffordable Cars with Problem Credit

The fact is that borrowers, especially those who are credit-challenged, should always maximize the down payment amount while keeping both the loan term and payment-to-income ratio to a minimum. By following these guidelines, buyers can avoid financing an unaffordable car. Continue reading

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Why was I Denied for Auto Financing?

There are several factors that could possibly cause you to be denied for auto financing; the good news though, is you can often correct these issues. Continue reading

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How Can Auto Financing Help Me After a Divorce?

Divorce is already devastating enough. After you get clear of the personal whirlwind, you are left to focus on the business at hand – dealing with the financial fallout. Continue reading

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How Will Late Car Payments Affect A Co-Signer

Being a co-signer is a big responsibility, and it can be a big risk to your credit too. If a payment is missed, it can damage both parties credit. Continue reading

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Can I Get Financing Without a Credit Check?

There are ways to get financing without having to go through the credit screening process. Having a damaged credit history is certainly a major setback, but definitely not a deal breaker. Continue reading

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Auto Loan Terms Continue to Increase

The trend toward longer loans and higher payments is not a good one – especially for borrowers with problem credit – as this increases interest charges as well as the length of time a borrower is upside down in the loan.

Borrowers with credit issues, in particular, should keep the loan term and amount financed as low as possible so they can trade out earlier and into another vehicle with a more manageable interest rate. Continue reading

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