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Financing a Car from a Different State with Bad Credit

Credit challenged car buyers can purchase a vehicle from an out-of-state dealer. But before doing this and if they live in a state that charges a vehicle sales tax, they should check to see if the dealer’s state is reciprocal. If it isn’t, they need to arrange with the dealer to have a check cut back to them for tax, title and registration fees. Otherwise, these buyers will have to come up with the money out of their own pockets. Continue reading

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Private Party Loans with Bad Credit

Because of the higher risks involved with subprime loans, credit-challenged borrowers usually can’t get approved for a car loan if they’re considering buying a vehicle from a private party. Continue reading

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Are Down Payments Determined Solely by Dealers?

Dealers don’t determine the down payment amount on car loans, lenders do. In addition to increasing the chances the loan will be paid off, car buyers with tarnished credit should view down payments as a way to reduce interest charges as well as a way of contributing to the success of their credit repair efforts. Continue reading

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You Have a New Job, so You Need a Car NOW

You’re feeling great that you have a new job that comes with a regular income, but now you need to have access to reliable transportation. You need to buy a car with less than perfect credit and not much time to show on your current job. Can you still get financed for the necessary vehicle? Luckily, you do have options available. Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t Buying a Car in Cash Help Me?

Walter’s issue was whether to get a car loan or just pay for a lower priced used car in full. He was weary of getting roped into another loan after his credit issues a few years earlier, and had steered clear of any new credit since then. He hadn’t really needed it, and had been getting very mixed advice on what he should do next. One friend of his was suggesting that he buy a car in cash outright, while another was recommending a return to the world of credit, which was something Walter wasn’t exactly looking forward to. Auto Credit Express was able to help him in his choice. Continue reading

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Do These 5 Things Before You Visit the Auto Dealership

Auto Credit Express can make your car buying experience easier and faster by connecting you with the right lender, and there are just a few things that you’ll need to do before you meet with that lender. By being prepared in advance, you’ll make sure that you have the best chance possible to get the best deal available in the least amount of time. Continue reading

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Matched Tax Refunds from Auto Dealerships

A dealership is willing to double your tax refund for your down payment on a new car? That almost sounds too good to be true. And with deals like these, it pays to get all of the details before committing to anything, so you’ll know what kind of a deal you’re really getting. Also, no matter how great the promotion is, make sure that you really can afford the purchase. Continue reading

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