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What If My Car Payment Is No Longer Affordable?

A couple years ago you bought the car you always wanted. It was brand new and you absolutely loved the way it looked and performed. Recently, however, financial situations have changed and you are finding it tougher and tougher to make the payments. You’ve talked to your lender, and while they gave you the option of deferring a couple months of your payments, you know that’s not going to solve anything. Now you’re wondering if it may be time to trade the vehicle in. Continue reading

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Can I Select a Car Before Applying for a Loan?

Buying a car can be exciting. It’s time for something new, and sometimes we get caught up in that excitement and get ahead of ourselves. And when this does happen, it often leads to disappointment when we get to the car dealership and discover that what we want isn’t exactly what we can get.This is why it is so important for all car buyers to get their financing arranged first. Continue reading

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Talk of Subprime Leasing Increases

Subprime leasing may be the next area lenders can expand into in regards to bad credit car buyers. The subprime market could benefit from more lending options that offer lenders a lower than anticipated risk, while still serving the needs of consumers with damaged credit. Continue reading

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Why Should I Buy a Car Right Now?

In a perfect world, when a vehicle breaks down or is no longer drivable, drivers would simply go to a car dealership and buy a new vehicle. But the world is not perfect, nor does it stop if you are without transportation. For a car buyer who is dealing with bruised credit, having to buy a vehicle can feel like a total nightmare. Making a vehicle purchase doesn’t have to be hard, even for those with bad credit. You need a vehicle to get to and from your job and live life in general. There are dealers out there who can help you so you don’t need to resort to buying a very cheap car from a private seller, which can be highly risky. Continue reading

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Buying a Car with Part-Time Income

Earlier this month, the U.S. Labor Department reported that the national unemployment rate in May was 5.5 percent. While that is a lower number, there is another number that is more important: the U-6 number. This is the number of workers who are “marginally attached” to the U.S. workforce. That number is 10.8 percent, nearly double the amount of those who are currently unemployed. When potential car buyers find themselves in situations where they have to work two jobs or only have one part time job with a limited income, it makes the process of getting a car very difficult. Continue reading

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Buying Your First Car as a College Student

You’re going off to college, and you need a car. The problem is that you’ve never financed anything before, so you don’t have much of a credit history. How can you get approved for an auto loan? Continue reading

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Fourth of July Auto Sale Opportunities

Sitting back and enjoying the fireworks and delicious barbecue is a tradition for many Americans, but sometimes, car buying waits for no one. Auto dealers across America know this. So, if you’re wondering if there are going to be opportunities to find great deals on new and used vehicles on this 4th of July weekend, you will happy to know that there’s a good chance that dealers in your area will be ready and waiting for you to buy. While car dealers are always looking to make sales, there are certain times of the year when car dealerships are more eager to sell, and Independence Day is one of those. Common sales deals aside from reduced prices include incentives such as zero down financing and low to no interest financing. Continue reading

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