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Fourth of July Auto Sale Opportunities

Sitting back and enjoying the fireworks and delicious barbecue is a tradition for many Americans, but sometimes, car buying waits for no one. Auto dealers across America know this. So, if you’re wondering if there are going to be opportunities to find great deals on new and used vehicles on this 4th of July weekend, you will happy to know that there’s a good chance that dealers in your area will be ready and waiting for you to buy. While car dealers are always looking to make sales, there are certain times of the year when car dealerships are more eager to sell, and Independence Day is one of those. Common sales deals aside from reduced prices include incentives such as zero down financing and low to no interest financing. Continue reading

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Taking a Long Term Loan with Bad Credit

With the length of the average auto loan increasing, it’s important that borrowers with low credit scores keep their loan terms as short as possible. Not only will they save money on interest charges, this will also allow them to trade out of the car sooner and into a new loan with a better interest rate. Continue reading

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Percentage of High-Risk Auto Loans Drop

The latest report from Experian shows that the growth in subprime auto loans is slower than the overall market. As a result, borrowers need to be aware of their credit situation, have a down payment and pick an affordable vehicle in order to give themselves the best chance of success. Continue reading

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Cosign With Caution

Agreeing to cosign on a loan is a big responsibility to take on. You may want to help out a friend or family member by doing this favor, but how will your credit be affected? Find out all of the facts before you sign anything. Continue reading

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How to Estimate a Good Down Payment

When it comes to making a big auto purchase, research and planning is absolutely essential. After all, you don’t want to jump into anything too quickly. Past mistakes have taught you that. So, while you’re carefully weighing certain options, one thing is definite: You want to have a good down payment saved up. So what qualifies as a good down payment? Continue reading

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Auto Loan Delinquencies Steady in Early 2015

Although the subprime sector remains strong, consumers with larger down payments and lower loan to value ratios will continue to have a better chance of getting an auto loan approval. Continue reading

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Is a Longer Loan Term Right for Me?

If you are dealing with bad credit, you are probably seeking out an auto loan that is affordable. Having limited finances and reduced lending options tend to make this difficult to find. Up until a few years ago, the longest recommended loan term you could get with an auto loan was 60 months, or 5 years. In recent years though, the length of car loan contracts have extended all the way to 96 month loans, or 8 years. The reason this has become so much more common is because it is a way to reduce the immediate monthly expense of a car payment. Continue reading

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