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Getting Approved with a Part Time Job

Most subprime lenders will consider income from a part-time job, as long as it meets their minimum requirements. However, borrowers with poor credit should keep in mind that no matter how many part-time jobs they have, the qualifying part-time income must come from just one of those jobs. Continue reading

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Is an SUV Purchase a Good Idea when I Have Bad Credit?

You need a vehicle to get the kids to and from school, soccer practice and dance recitals. But can you afford an SUV with a challenged financial situation? Continue reading

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What is a Car Straw Purchase Deal?

Vehicle straw purchases are considered fraudulent and usually occur when a consumer with good credit purchases a new or used car for someone with poor credit who cannot qualify for an auto loan. Continue reading

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HAUNTED by Bad Credit?

If you’re living with the Ghosts of Money Mistakes Past, Auto Credit Express may be able to help you exorcise those demons and move on to a bright financial future. Continue reading

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Credit Scores and Interest Rates

Although no one can predict what a particular credit-challenged individual’s car loan interest rate will be before their application is reviewed by both a dealership special finance manager and lender, the information from LendingTree can serve as a rough guide as to what they might be able to expect. Continue reading

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Yo-Yo Financing and Poor Credit

Car buyers, especially those with questionable credit, are particularly susceptible to yo-yo financing schemes in which a dealer will sign them to a conditional contract and, once they’ve taken possession of a vehicle, call them back to re-sign another contract with less favorable terms. Continue reading

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How a Budget Can Help You Get a Car Loan

Learning how to manage your money is a skill you need in order to achieve financial stability. There are ways a good budget can help you get a car loan, even if you have bad credit. Continue reading

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Auto Lending Continues to Grow

Subprime lenders are continuing to increase their loan portfolios, but with the number of applicants at an all-time high, they can continue to be choosy about approvals. Continue reading

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Could Sherlock Holmes Get a Car Loan?

The legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes seems to be capable of just about anything, but could he be approved for a reasonable auto loan? Because he is self-employed, the great Mr. Holmes of Baker Street might be wondering the same thing. Continue reading

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Understanding Lease Equity

Typically, leased vehicles aren’t worth more than their residual value at the end of a lease. Consumers nearing the end of a lease, however, should first check their vehicle’s value before turning it in; otherwise, they could be leaving money on the table. Continue reading

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