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What to Look for in Your Auto Loan Contract

When you are ready to sign the papers that will close the deal on your next car, make sure that you understand exactly what you’re paying for. Don’t focus on the monthly payments, but consider the whole cost of the vehicle. This way, the dealer won’t be able to sneak in any unnecessary expenses. Continue reading

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Buying Gap Insurance with a Tax Refund

Credit-challenged car buyers, especially those on a tight budget, should seriously consider automobile gap insurance when their annual mileage is above average, the finance term is over 60 months and the total down payment is less than 20 percent. Continue reading

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When Buying a Car, Are Some Add-Ons Worth Adding On?

While it is important to watch out for dealer add-ons when you’re buying your car, you don’t have to be too jaded about all of them. A few of your available options are potentially useful, depending on your situation. Just make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible before adding any extra expense to your auto loan. Continue reading

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Ally to Expand Extended Warranty Coverage

From our own experience, one key to successfully completing a subprime car loan is the ability to keep a vehicle in running condition. In many cases, a service contract can help borrowers on a tight budget avoid unforeseen expenses while keeping their credit repair plans on track. Continue reading

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When Buying a Car, What is and isn’t Negotiable?

Before you psych yourself up for negotiating your next car deal, you should know which parts of the vehicle’s cost are flexible and which ones are set in stone. The dealer has control over much of a car’s final price, but they don’t have a say in everything. Continue reading

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GMAC Insurance Answers Car Service Contract Questions

Over the years we have noticed that car buyers, especially those consumers with poor credit who have recently been approved for an auto loan, can be taken in by the sales pitches from telemarketers touting used car service contracts. Continue reading

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Understanding Credit Disability Insurance on a Car Loan

Finance managers at car dealerships sometimes refer to it as part of “fully protecting” an auto loan when they speak with borrowers including those with damaged credit. That description is fairly accurate and before making a decision consumers should have a basic understanding of how credit disability insurance works. Continue reading

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