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Why Most People Fail to Find Bad Credit Financing

At Auto Credit Express, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands find the assistance they need to get back on the road again. So why is it that so many other people have still failed to find the financing they need? Continue reading

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Can I Lease a New Car With Bad Credit?

One great way to have the latest and greatest innovations of the auto industry is to lease a vehicle. This can be a difficult process if your finances are in less than perfect shape – but still possible! Continue reading

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Getting out of Debt with Snowballs

Many of us try to pay off our largest debts, but often that means our smaller debts end up getting left behind to become larger over time. Continue reading

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Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit

If you are like most people, the last few years have definitely taken a toll on your finances. Having bad credit scores seems to be a continuing issue for many consumers even though the recession has ended. Continue reading

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Green Driving Habits Can Help Your Pocketbook & the Environment

In today’s economy, it’s never been more important to keep a well maintained budget; especially when you are dealing with bad credit. However, one area that is difficult to handle due to costly changing prices is a gas budget. Continue reading

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Just Relax…Some Tips to Make Your Holidays Less Stressful

No doubt, the holidays can cause even the most laid back people to stress. So in efforts to help keep us all sane, here are a few ideas to keep your holiday a little less stressful. Continue reading

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Watch Out For Tax Identity Theft This Season So You Can Use Your Refund to Buy That Car You Need

Each year, many people rely on their tax refunds to get approved to buy a car with auto financing. Unfortunately, in recent years, many of those people have found that their tax identity was stolen and getting their money back took months of wrangling with the IRS. Continue reading

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for People Struggling to get Out of Debt

Chances are that someone you know is struggling to get out of debt. People in these situations often cut back on everything except for the bare necessities, and would appreciate receiving holiday gifts that will feel like splurges. Continue reading

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Do You Have a Good Job and Bad Credit? Get Approved for a Car Loan!

Having bad credit doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a new car when you really need one. If you have a good job and a steady incmoe you can be approved for auto financing. Continue reading

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Life after Repossession: Getting a Car Loan

Repossessed vehicles on your credit report can make a new lender feel uneasy about the transaction, but believe it or not, you can get approved for a car loan after repossession. Continue reading

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