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Category Archives: Bad Credit

Can I Get a Car with a Good Income and Bad Credit?

It can be frustrating when you need to buy a car with damaged credit. Luckily, if you have a dependable income, there is a really good chance that you can get approved for financing in spite of your bad credit. Sometimes, “your job is your credit,” and it just comes down to finding the right lender. Continue reading

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Are All Types of Bad Credit Equal?

Mark’s car was starting to give him problems. The issues were becoming so frequent that he was actually starting to factor the costs into his budget. Because of this, he determined that it might be time for a new vehicle. But he had one concern: he knew that his credit was damaged due to medical issues having caused him to miss payments on some bills. Mark told his friend Pete about his concerns. You see, Pete also has poor credit. What Pete told Mark wasn’t exactly encouraging. He would probably have to visit a lot of dealers, and in the end, end up with a so-so car and a high interest rate. But, there was a difference between Mark and Pete, one that would make all the difference. Continue reading

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Credit Approval Comes to Those Who Prepare

You may think that your damaged credit will prevent you from being approved for an auto loan, but this may not be the case. Many lenders are willing and qualified to work with your financial situation, and if you’re willing to do a few things to help the process along, you could be back on the road in no time. Continue reading

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Bad Credit: Why Living in Denial is Harmful

While living in bad credit denial will save you from having to deal with your damaged borrowing reputation for a while, you will eventually have to face your finances. So many things can be negatively affected by a low credit score, and your situation will only get worse the longer you let poor credit slide. On the other hand, taking charge and repairing your credit is more doable than you may think. Continue reading

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Does Bad Credit Always Mean a High Interest Rate?

If there were outlying factors that led to your economic state, such as a job loss, injury, divorce or a business related bankruptcy, and you were responsible for your finances up to that point, that is what is commonly referred to as “situational” bad credit. It is the best position to be in if you are in need of special financing. Continue reading

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Why Don’t All Car Dealerships Work with Bad Credit Car Buyers?

If your credit is bad and you have been looking for a car to buy, you’ve likely run into problems finding a dealership that is willing to help you. And that can be extremely frustrating, especially when you need a car now.

Not all dealers are signed up with lenders who offer bad credit car financing. Choosing what lenders to work with is a big decision, and sometimes cannot be made by individual dealerships themselves. It needs to be done right, with the proper documentation. If not, the financial loss for all parties involved could be disastrous. Continue reading

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If I Have Bad Credit, Do I Have to Buy a Used Car?

Not all bad credit is the same. There is “Good-Bad” credit and “Bad-Bad” credit. This can make all the difference with bad credit car buying. Continue reading

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