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What to do if Your Car has Recently Been Repossessed

Having your car repossessed can seem like a total nightmare. It leaves you owing money on a vehicle that you can no longer drive, and it leaves you in position where it can seem unlikely that you can get a new car anytime soon. But, believe it or not, you can recover from repossession. It just takes time and a plan. Continue reading

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Why Rachel’s Credit Score Dropped So Quickly

Rachel was unpleasantly when she checked her credit score and it was much lower than she had expected. She had never had a bankruptcy, a charge-off or a repossession. What credit mistakes had she unknowingly made, and how could she fix them? Continue reading

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Fast Track to Your Next Car

Robert had never heard of Auto Credit Express when he stumbled upon our site late one night, searching for auto financing. He knew his credit wasn’t great, so walking into any dealership and picking out any car was not an option. And he didn’t have enough saved up to purchase a car from a private seller. It’s no wonder he was starting to lose faith in his chances of getting a car, that is, until that night. Continue reading

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Mike’s Story: Just in Time

Mike didn’t want Kelly to worry, so he had started to look for a new car immediately after the old one went out of commission. And while he had a good job as a line manager with a major auto manufacturer that he had been at for 2 ½ years, he also had a major blemish on his credit history. The clock was ticking, and he didn’t know where to turn. Continue reading

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Overstating Income with Problem Credit

Be especially careful when filling out a credit application, making sure all the information entered – especially income – is accurate. If a dealer advises overstating income, the best thing to do is to walk away from the deal and the dealer. Continue reading

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Is There a Way to Know How Much Car I Can Afford?

Jeff’s situation isn’t as great as Joe’s. Unfortunately, he has bad credit. He only has $500 for a down payment, no extra cash to cover necessary fees, and no trade in. And he needs a car now. He knows he has a slim chance of getting approved, and doesn’t have time to go through the process multiple times only to be turned down. How exactly did Jeff get what he needed? Continue reading

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What Dealers Will Work with Me?

When your credit is damaged, your options for auto financing of any kind are dramatically reduced. So, of course, walking into any old dealership and saying “finance me” is out of the question, and honestly, a waste of time. So, where do you go? Continue reading

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Subprime Auto Lenders Backing Off

The moderation in subprime auto loans means that high-risk lenders can afford to be more selective. It also means that potential borrowers with less than perfect credit should check their credit reports, know their credit scores and plan on a larger down payment to maximize their chances of success. Continue reading

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What Happens if my Car is Repossessed

Vehicle repossession is never a good thing and a black mark like this can linger on a credit report for seven years or longer. Multiple repossessions are even worse and, for the most part, consumers must wait until just one appears in their credit file. Continue reading

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Understanding Your Bad Credit

Consumers with damaged credit need to know that they’re really not alone and that there are lenders out there willing to work with them – they just have to know where to find them – which is where we come in. Continue reading

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