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Why Do I Need Full Insurance Coverage on a Car Loan?

If you’re considering an automobile purchase, you may have already estimated how much you can afford for a car. But, here’s something you may have not considered yet: have you determined how much you can afford for your car insurance? If your current vehicle only has liability and property coverage (commonly known as PL/PD), you will need to factor in a higher premium, because that next car will need to have full coverage. Continue reading

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How Moving Violations Affect Car Insurance Costs

Consumers with bad credit should note that even the lowest car insurance premium increase of 6 percent in the study is significant, while an increase of 100 to 200 percent could easily break many budgets. This, in turn, could have the effect of running those borrowers off the road to better credit. Continue reading

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Why Do Young Men Pay More for Car Insurance?

It’s a fact: Men who are under 25 pay significantly more, on average, for car insurance than their female counterparts. This is because statistics strongly suggest that young men are more likely to be reckless and unsafe drivers than young women. Continue reading

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Is it Risky to Drive Someone Else’s Car?

Anyone who ever gets behind the wheel of a car is taking a safety chance. Accidents, unfortunately, happen all of the time, sometimes through no fault of your own. The question at hand here is: If you experience a collision while driving a car that is registered to someone else, who is at more of a financial risk, you or the vehicle owner? Continue reading

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How Claims Affect Car Insurance Costs

In addition to growing older and improving their FICO scores, consumers can save on their car insurance premiums by limiting both the

number and types of claims they submit to their insurers. Continue reading

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Halloween and Car Thefts

Vehicle theft is more than an inconvenience – it can cost car owners both time and money especially if the insurance company only covers the vehicle’s replacement cost of a stolen car – not the balance owed on the loan. By following the tips suggested by LoJack, owners can reduce the chances of becoming victims of car theft and really have a Happy Halloween. Continue reading

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Increasing the Deductible for Auto Insurance Savings

Raising the deductible amount on their auto insurance policies certainly can save drivers money on their monthly premiums. But those consumers with little wiggle room in their monthly budgets would do well to think twice before making a move. Continue reading

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