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8 Sub-Zero Car Care Tips

In most parts of the U.S. we know it’s coming, but we’re often not prepared when it suddenly hits. We’re talking about cold winter weather and cars. Even though we know it will happen, over the summer months we often forget that frigid temperatures are particularly hard on vehicles in the northern tier of states. Continue reading

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Are Extended Warranties Worth the Price?

It all comes down to this: Will spending money on the extra protection actually save you money in the end? The answer is: Probably not. In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, most car buyers who opted for extended warranties reported losing money in the final analysis. Continue reading

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Driving Safely During Credit Repair

Brakes are a normal wear item and replacing them is usually not covered under a new car warranty, certified used car warranty or used car service contract. Borrowers, especially those with credit issues that are on tight budgets, should not only pay attention to the seven signs their brakes need to be inspected, they should also set aside funds each month to cover maintenance expenses. Continue reading

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Save Money and Just DIY

We don’t only focus on getting you a vehicle with poor credit financing; we also offer you great tips to save money on maintenance you can do yourself! Continue reading

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What Does Your Car Say?

Very few of us seem to have any measurable amount of experience when it comes to cars. But you do know when your car makes an odd sound. What is it telling you? Continue reading

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Is an Extended Warranty Worth It?

When you’re in the final process of purchasing a vehicle it is pretty normal to be asked about an extended warranty, but is it worth it? Continue reading

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The Recall ABC’s

Driving a broken car can be dangerous, but are you driving one you know has a problem? There are so many people out there that do not know how to handle a situation in which their vehicle or auto parts have been recalled. Do you? Continue reading

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Six Car Maintenance Mistakes

One place we all dread visiting is the mechanic. However, if your vehicle suddenly has major mechanical issues, you’ll find yourself there and likely spending way more than you ever want to. Unfortunately, too often drivers find that ignoring a problem when it first arose was a bad choice Continue reading

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Top 4 Scratch Removers

Nothing reduces the value of your vehicle more than having scratches all over the body. If you plan on trading in or selling your car to purchase a newer one through a bad credit auto loan, you’ll definitely want to get those removed Continue reading

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How to Buy the Right Tires

Their condition is often overlooked by your average driver until it noticeably needs to be replaced. Then you have the big decision of choosing your new tires. But what type do you buy? Continue reading

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