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Make 5 Resolutions to Repair your Credit

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you probably have big plans for your next tax return. You may be planning to use this extra cash as a down payment on a car, truck or SUV, and that’s a good idea. A down payment will be helpful when you’re buying your next vehicle, but getting your credit in shape will be even more beneficial. Continue reading

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Never Assume That Your Credit is “Bad”

When it comes to your credit report, one bad thing that stands out against an otherwise tranquil history looks a lot different than the repeated black marks of serial delinquency and non-payment. How your credit fairs should tell you how much you need to worry. Continue reading

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Are There Mistakes on My Credit Report?

There’s a surprisingly good chance that there are mistakes on your credit report that could be costing you money. It has been reported that there is as much as a 25% chance that there is some kind of big mistake on your report. Continue reading

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Should You Consider Using a Credit Monitoring Service?

Credit monitoring is a product offered by each of the three major credit reporting bureaus. However, there are alternatives to consider. Continue reading

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How to Recover from Identity Theft

Having your identity stolen is an awful thing that can destroy your credit score and your finances. Recovering afterwards is important for not just your bank account, but for your credit rating as well. Continue reading

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2014 Financial Literacy Check Up

Financial literacy begins with understanding personal finance, setting a budget, putting aside savings and knowing your credit scores and the information contained in your credit reports. Continue reading

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Paying Taxes on a Repossession

Borrowers having problems paying their car loans should call the lender and explain their situation. Not only is repossession is a black mark on their credit reports – often preventing them from getting a car loan for at least a year, it could end up costing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in taxes owed to the government. Continue reading

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How Can I Build My Credit from No Credit?

If you’ve never had a loan or credit card, your credit history is likely blank. To begin building your credit, you need to open a line of credit and make on time payments. Continue reading

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Should I Use a Credit Repair Organization?

Credit Repair Organizations or CROs, can be a dangerous trap that often leaves your credit and your finances in a worse condition than when you first came to them. Continue reading

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How can I Build My Credit Score Fast?

Rebuilding your credit score is something that everyone with bad credit eagerly desires to do. Unfortunately there is no quick fix to the issue; it takes effort and time. Continue reading

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