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Category Archives: Credit Repair

Bad Credit and Rental Payments

The new ResidentCredit program from TransUnion is a step in the right direction as it has the potential to help millions of

consumers with problem credit expand their credit history as well as raise their credit scores. We only wish the program embraced all renters – not just those living in complexes with 100 or more units. Continue reading

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More Good Karma for your Credit

While it’s still not perfect, one free credit score is better than none at all and it should give borrowers an idea of where they stand, credit-wise. Adding the ability to view credit reports at any time makes an even stronger case for consumers to sign up with Credit Karma. Continue reading

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Understanding the Three Types of Credit

It’s not only important that consumers not only understand the different types of credit, but also the ways in which they can reestablish credit if they’ve experienced problems with any type in the past. Continue reading

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How can I Build My Credit if I Don’t Have a Job?

For stay at home parents and other non-working adults, getting a credit card these days can be difficult, however it is very possible. Continue reading

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How Can Buying a Car Repair My Credit?

Credit repair can feel like an uphill battle when you’re not sure where to start. Contrary to popular belief, a good place to start is actually with an auto loan. Continue reading

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Protecting Your Credit After Divorce

With the number one cause of divorces today being financial reasons, it’s no surprise that this is also the greatest cause of stress during and after a divorce too. Continue reading

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How Credit Cards Help Car Loans

But a car loan is only installment credit and if these consumers are seriously interest in credit repair, they’ll also need to reestablish at least one line of revolving credit. The easiest way to do this is to get approved for some type of credit card. Continue reading

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Correcting Credit Report Mistakes

Car buyers with damaged credit can, in some instances, increase their chances of qualifying for an auto loan by correcting the inaccuracies and having outdated negative entries removed from their credit file before starting the application process. Continue reading

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Before Getting a Car Loan with Poor Credit

From our experience the results pretty much speak for themselves when consumers with damaged credit allow some time before applying for a car loan to, among other things, check their credit reports and correct any mistakes. Continue reading

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Piggybacking to an Improved Credit Score

Consumers with questionable credit should know that there is something in addition to an auto loan that could improve their FICO scores. Continue reading

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