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Category Archives: FICO score

Why is My FICO Score So Low?

If you’re surprised by your FICO score, you’re not alone. Your score is determined by a few contributing factors, and each one is weighted differently in terms of how much it affects your total credit rating. Basically, there are 5 different components to consider. Continue reading

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What Does My Credit Score Need to Be in Order to Lease?

You’ve noticed that there are some great lease deals out there, so you’re thinking that you might want to try leasing your next car. But you’re wondering just how good your credit needs to be in order to qualify for a lease contract. And while there is a general guideline, it really comes down to the individual discretion of each leasing company. Continue reading

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Ally Financial to Offer Free FICO Scores

The lender formerly known as GMAC has started a pilot program that offers account holders access to their FICO Score Continue reading

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Experian adds FICO Scores

For Experian members, the addition of FICO scores marks the beginning of a series of product enhancements that will take place over the next 18 months Continue reading

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How Do I Help My Child Start Their Credit History?

Naturally, parents want to give their children every advantage possible in life, and a good credit score is no different. But since a good score is something earned and not given, how do you get her started? Continue reading

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Obama Says Check Your FICO Scores

To begin with, knowing your credit scores is important. If you doubt that’s true, just ask the President. Secondly, the FICO Score Open Access program, once it becomes more widely available, could certainly help all consumers – even those with poor credit, as this would allow borrowers to see the same credit score that lenders use to manage their accounts. Continue reading

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FICO Score 9 and Medical Collections

The newest FICO scoring model will penalize consumers with medical collections less than it has in the past. But it will take time to be implemented and, in any case, borrowers, especially those with credit issues, should continue to practice the fundamentals of good credit. Continue reading

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