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Automakers Finance Offer Free FICO Scores to Borrowers

The latest program from both Hyundai and Kia is certainly a step in the right direction by offering free, updated FICO scores to borrowers. Unfortunately for most credit-challenged car buyers, not only is its focus too narrow, what’s left unsaid is the minimum credit score or profile required to qualify for it. Continue reading

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TransUnion Reports a Rise on Quarterly and Yearly Basis for Auto Loan Delinquencies

The third quarter 2013 auto loan delinquency rate has officially been released by TransUnion, which shows an increase in balances and number of financing opportunities to subprime borrowers. Continue reading

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Common Mistakes that Ruin your Credit Score

Credit scores are a complicated but important part of our adult life, and it’s likely that there is more that goes into determining those scores than you think. If you’re not careful you could harm yourself in more ways than you’re aware of. Continue reading

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How Credit Report Inquiries Affect Your FICO Score

We all know that the best practice to taking out a loan is to compare multiple offers against each other, but will that many inquiries on your credit hurt your scores? Continue reading

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Why Your Credit Scores May Differ

We continue to be surprised by the fact that quite a few borrowers with damaged credit still don’t understand why the credit scores used by car dealers often aren’t the same as the one they think they have. Continue reading

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Getting a FICO Score

Consumers with problem credit thinking of applying for an auto loan need to first check their credit reports to be sure they meet the minimum in-bureau requirements of the majority of subprime lenders. Continue reading

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Can Car Shopping Ding Your Credit Scores

It’s especially important that consumers with poor credit understand the impact that traveling from dealer to dealer or submitting multiple online car loan applications and the credit inquiries that follow might have on their credit scores. Continue reading

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Improving those FICO Scores

Most car buyers with poor credit probably know that not paying their bills on time – or even at all – can both lower their FICO scores as well as either prevent them from getting an auto loan – either that or cause them to pay a higher interest rate from a subprime lender. Continue reading

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The Credit Scores Needed to Lease a Car

At Auto Credit Express, where we primarily deal with car loans, applicants with bad credit sometimes ask us, “What credit score do you need to lease a car?” Continue reading

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Car Loan Shopping and FICO scores

But the fact remains that credit-challenged consumers should also know what items are not considered, at least by FICO, when a credit score is computed. Continue reading

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