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How NOT to Spend Your Tax Refund Well

For most of us, getting your refund check is about as close to winning the lottery as most of us will get. So what should or shouldn’t you do with your yearly ‘winnings’? Continue reading

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5 Ways to make Your Tax Return Count

Many of us look forward to having a little extra cash in our pockets, but there are a few ways you can use it that will make it really count. Here are our suggestions. Continue reading

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Road Trip of a Lifetime

All of us though, are looking forward to Spring and Summer and the fun adventures they often contain. Deciding where to go though can be a little overwhelming. So we’ve listed a few destinations that can make your road trip unforgettable. Continue reading

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Understanding Tax Lingo

Whether you file your tax return on paper or choose to e-file this year, our minds get overwhelmed with so many words and terms that we barely understand, let alone ever use. So we’ve defined and explained a few terms that you may need to know this year for your returns. Continue reading

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A Buggy Problem

The warmer weather brings with it a different sort of attack on your vehicle: bugs. What should you do when you got bugs up in your grille? Continue reading

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How to Increase Your Tax Refund

At Auto Credit Express, we want to help you get the most worth out of every situation. So we’ve gathered together tax deductions that could increase your refund this year. Continue reading

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Should You File Your Taxes with Your Spouse?

Married couples have two options when they are filing their taxes: filing jointly or separately. Many believe that filing jointly is the best way to go. However there are some instances when filing separately is better option. Continue reading

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5 Tax Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

So often we hear tax myths that are actually quite believable. But are they actually just myths or truth? Continue reading

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Auto Thefts Have Declined – Or Have They?

Nationwide, auto thefts have certainly dwindled. But as new car theft falls off, there has been a raise in the number of stolen auto parts like rims and tailgates. Are the trends related? Continue reading

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Tax Law Changes That Can Increase Your Refund

Every year, it never fails that the government implements changes to the tax laws right before it’s time to file your return. Continue reading

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