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GM Unveils Educator Discount Program

Even if they quality, borrowers with iffy credit need to remember that they must follow certain guidelines set by the lender. In this instance it means that once the lender has determined their vehicle budget and interest rate, it’s up to the dealership to show them the cars that fit within those requirements. Continue reading

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Ten Cheapest New Cars for July 2014

In some cases credit-challenged buyers may be given the option of financing a new car. Given this option, choosing a vehicle from this list of affordable new cars will enable these consumers to enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive new car warranty while keeping the payments within their budgets Continue reading

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NADA Lists Best Fourth of July New Car Deals

Even with credit scores that fall into the subprime range, a number of these car buyers may still qualify for the consumer rebates, bonus cash and, usually, dealer cash offered on these vehicles – savings that will help lower the monthly payment and overall finance costs of a subprime auto loan. Continue reading

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6 Coolest New Cars for Bad Credit Buyers

Not all buyers with credit issues will be given the option of financing a new car, but if you are and the approval is through one of the franchises listed above, you probably wouldn’t go wrong choosing any one of these “cool” cars. Continue reading

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Can I get Lower Payments on a New Car?

Getting lower payments on a new vehicle is possible; even if your credit is less than sterling. Continue reading

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SUVs That Will Take Your Family Further

With today’s modern innovations, SUV’s are being able to better protect you and your loved ones — and save you gas. Continue reading

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Car Shopping Tips for Memorial Day Sales

Although the holiday originated in remembrance for fallen US servicemen, it’s also become a day of family, good food, and the of occasional deal on auto sales. Continue reading

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When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

The warmer temperatures bring more and more people out car shopping every year, but just because the weather is warm, is now the best time to buy a car? Continue reading

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Dodge Throws a Leasing Change Up

Just recently, Dodge announced their plans for an innovative leasing incentive on their 2014 Challengers and Chargers in order to drive sales for the upcoming 2015 models. Continue reading

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Mazda’s Unusual Recall

It seems to be the season of recalls; it seems like a new manufacturer is added to the list everyday. However, one of the more recent recalls is likely to give you the creeps. Continue reading

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