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Category Archives: New Cars

Leasing a Car is Easy – Don’t Believe the Myths

Think leasing a vehicle is a scam? So do a lot of people, but the reality is it’s not any worse or harder than financing a vehicle. Continue reading

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How to Test Drive a Car the Right Way

With all of the great year-end incentives, now is the perfect time to test drive a new car. Knowing how to properly test drive a car will ensure that you purchase the perfect vehicle for you. Continue reading

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Can I Still Get Federal Tax Credit on My Hybrid Car in 2013?

The introduction of hybrid vehicles not only introduced a way to drive a car in a more economically friendly manner, but it also allowed people to receive a financial reward in return. Continue reading

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How Should I Properly Negotiate the Purchase Price of a New Car?

Whether you are a first time car buyer or an experienced veteran who has purchased vehicles in the past, it’s important to know how to negotiate the price of a new car. Continue reading

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Year-End Incentives are Threatening Car Companies Profits

Looking for a new car for the New Year? You can take advantage of the large year-end incentives being offered by most of the car companies.
Continue reading

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Picking Out the Right Car for Your New Driver

Your teen is now able to get behind the wheel of their very first car, so what is the best vehicle to buy to keep them as safe as possible? Continue reading

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Get Better MPG Without Buying a Hybrid

We all want to get better gas mileage, but not all of us are so environmentally friendly that we want to give up horsepower. Hypermiling can help you achieve both goals. Continue reading

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When to Get the Best Deal on a New Car

Buying a car may be one of the most expensive items you purchase in your life, next to a house, so when is the best time to get a good deal on a new car loan? Continue reading

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California Sweetens the Deal for Hybrid Car Drivers

Car pool lanes have become a popular thing througout the United States, but California is the first of these states to pass this law about hybrid cars in the HOV lanes. Continue reading

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Negotiating the Best Trade-In Value for Your Car

Negotiating doens’t come easy to a lot of people, but doing research and knowing how the play the game can make it that much easier for you to score a good deal on your trade-in. Continue reading

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