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Category Archives: Safety

Buying a Car with an Unfixed Recall

The tools offered by both the NHTSA as well as Carfax should help car buyers and owners, including those with less than perfect credit, by ensuring the vehicles they drive or plan on purchasing are as safe as possible and subject to no open recalls. Continue reading

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Safe Driving Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s a wonderful time of the year, and a potentially dangerous time of the year. Many people are spending more time on the road and engaged in festivities. Unfortunately, these are two things that often don’t go very well together. Be proactive in making plans to keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the roads this season. Continue reading

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Did you Buy a Lemon?

When you bought your new car, everything seemed to be working perfectly. But you’ve since realized that the car is broken more often than not. You start to wonder, were you sold a lemon? Continue reading

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Your Car is Safer than the Average Turkey on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it comes the start of the holiday season for many. This means that there will be more family gatherings and events to attend. And that means more time spent on the road as well as the possibility of having to leave your car parked in unfamiliar areas. Continue reading

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Safest New Cars with Problem Credit

Even if your credit scores are less than perfect, the smart move is to buy the safest car you can afford. Checking out the list of vehicles tested by the IIHS can go a long way to steering you towards the right vehicle. Continue reading

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The Causes of Hazardous Driving

We’re all guilty of doing more behind the wheel than we should. But what happens when drivers try to handle multiple tasks while on the road? Disaster. Continue reading

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Password 101

Normally, what gives your password strength is the length or the complexity of it. But there are some other things you want to consider when you make a new one. Continue reading

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A Possible Future for Roads

A lot of attention has been given to the small stretch of road that now glows in the dark. What is this about and what will it mean for your roads in the future? Continue reading

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Understanding Car Safety Ratings

Have you ever looked at something important like your vehicle’s safety rating and not understood any of it? Well, here’s a quick explanation behind the technical jargon. Continue reading

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What to Do When Bad Weather Affects the Roads

Rain, snow and even fog can cause big problems on the highways. When your driving is handicapped due to nature, what should you do? Continue reading

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