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Stick Shifts: Still the Gas Saver?

When you’re at the auto dealer and browsing vehicles, are stick shifts still superior to automatics in the gas department? Or has tech finally caught up to rowing your own gears? Continue reading

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Hydrogen – Fueling the Future

We have even seen the engine, fuel and battery change how the heart of a car, truck or SUV works. Electrically fueled vehicles have long been on the market; in 2015 though, they’ll have a new competitor. Hydrogen. Continue reading

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Paging Doctor Car

Sometimes, we are simply just distracted by other electronics in the car. Or worse yet, have a stroke or heart attack. That’s why we are happy to see that soon, your car can monitor your health stats and know if there is a possibility of any emergency. Continue reading

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What Your Car May Do in the Future

Today’s innovative industries have become a breeding ground for some pretty exciting technology that many of us have only seen imagined on television, and it only gets more exciting from there! Continue reading

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Mobile Office of the Future

Manufacturers have begun offering vehicles that are better suited for these professionals. See what safety and important technology features for everyone who works on the go. Continue reading

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The Electronic License Plate

Tired of the DMV? Are long waits to register your vehicles metal plate, papers, and stickers really necessary anymore? The DMV of California is now experimenting with new ways to show registration. Continue reading

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Future of Headlights: Lasers

Every time you travel down the freeways, you’re likely to see some new headlight design. Whether it’s the annoying purple High Intensity Discharge lights (HID) or some funky colored headlamp, it’s never been easier to have your vehicle personalized. Now you can even add laser beams. Continue reading

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The Best Music Streaming Services

The staff here at Auto Credit Express understands the need for good tunes in your car, so we will be giving you a rundown of the top five music streaming services available Continue reading

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Car Tech that came from Racing

One pastime that many people around the world enjoy is racing all sorts of vehicles. It’s because of this pastime that is responsible for many of the features in the cars, trucks and SUVs that we commute in today. Continue reading

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Innovations Abound At the 2014 International CES

What do toothbrushes, contacts, brick phones and 4K televisions all have in common? It seems a great number of gadgets released this year at CES have been focused on bettering our overall health. Continue reading

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