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Pet Safety on a Road Trip

Pets are the family we actually want to go on vacation with, and during these trips their safety and comfort is priority. Make sure that you do everything that you can to make your pet’s experience in the car as fun and safe as possible. Continue reading

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Will I Ever Be Able to Buy a New Car After Filing for Bankruptcy?

After going through a bankruptcy, you may be wondering if buying a new car will ever be possible. The good news is that bad credit isn’t forever, and full recovery from either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is entirely common. Continue reading

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When a 72 Month Car Loan is Too Long

Borrowers with less than perfect credit should choose a more affordable new car rather than stretch the loan term on a more expensive vehicle to keep those monthly payments reasonable. Continue reading

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What Types of Insurance Do You Really Need When You Buy a Car?

When it comes to choosing auto insurance, there are several varieties to choose from. And while each available policy type as the potential to be useful, some types of coverage will serve your needs better than others. Continue reading

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Who Do You Trust for Car Buying Information?

Car buyers have a lot of options these days when it comes to vehicle information resources. And while the internet offers plenty of opportunities for shoppers to read reviews, view safety ratings, and obtain details about different makes and models, many people still choose to consult real people when they’re figuring out their next automobile purchase. Continue reading

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Best Cars for Parents with Poor Credit

The process began with a group of 23 vehicles including three minivans, four compact SUVs, four mid-size SUVs, two full-size SUVs, two full-size sedans, three mid-size sedans and two full-size pickup trucks. There also were three compact cars which Nerad describes as “often the first choice for anyone on a budget.” Continue reading

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Why Trading Your Car in is Better than Selling it Yourself

If you’re thinking of buying a car while still in possession of a vehicle that has cash value, you can either sell that vehicle or trade it in to a dealership. Which is the better option? Trading in will probably save you a significant amount of time and effort. Continue reading

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