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How to Share the Road

Before we had cars, trucks and SUVs on the road, there were pedestrians and even motorcycles. Being a defensive driver is the best way to learn how to share the roads. Continue reading

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Use Apps to Save Cash

In today’s day and age, it seems that we are practically born with a smart phone attached to our hands; but how many of us actually save money by using them? Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of the Workplace

Your job now, all though you might dread it, can reflect you on your next job. Here are our Do’s and Don’ts of work. Continue reading

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Top Safety Picks for Small Families

Whether you have a small family or you’re just starting out, a mid-size sedan is probably going to be the best bang for your buck. Continue reading

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Where Can I Go to Know the Latest Scams?

Scams are everywhere, from social media to your social life. One good way to keep up to date on the latest scams is by checking official sites that combat them. Continue reading

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How to Rebuild Your Credit

If you’ve suffered the effects of damaged credit, you’re probably ready to rectify the situation. But do you know where to start? Continue reading

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How to Recognize an Online Scam

With the advances in technology and how we share information comes a downside: new financial scams that have already tricked many into giving away personal and financial information. Here are a few ways they can get you to give them your money. Continue reading

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Preparing for the Unknown

Today’s economy seems to be constantly changing. If you don’t prepare for the unknown, you can find yourself faced with some crippling situations that can become very difficult to escape. Continue reading

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Crazy Driving Laws Around the World

Our team at Auto Credit Express wants to remind you that it’s always important to mind your traffic laws; even the wacky ones. Take a look at some of the laws that Huffington Post dug up from around the world. Continue reading

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The Future is Today

Cars today are more technologically advanced then ever before. But all that extra high tech isn’t necessarily out of your budget. Continue reading

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