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Car Shopping Tips for Memorial Day Sales

Although the holiday originated in remembrance for fallen US servicemen, it’s also become a day of family, good food, and the of occasional deal on auto sales. Continue reading

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When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

The warmer temperatures bring more and more people out car shopping every year, but just because the weather is warm, is now the best time to buy a car? Continue reading

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Finding a Used Car When You Have Bad Credit

Trouble finding a used car with bad credit? Financing trouble can make the difficult process of finding a car even worse. Find out how you can help yourself. Continue reading

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Just How Much Can Regular Maintenance Pay Off?

Just How Much Can Regular Maintenance Pay Off? Don’t brush off car maintenance if you like saving money. Continue reading

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What To Do After Vandalism

Vandalism can happen to anyone, anytime. And while you can call 911 during the act of vandalism, what do you do after the vandalism has happened? Continue reading

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Should First Time Buyers Finance a New Car or a Used Car?

Getting your first car is an exciting milestone in your life, however your finances may really not be able to support your wild auto driven dreams. What do you do then? Continue reading

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Why Buying Used Is a Wiser Choice

Flashy commercials & incredible incentives make a great case for new cars. When you do a little research though, you’ll find that used cars will often beat out new cars when it comes to value. Continue reading

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Aftermarket Add-ons to Make Your Used Car Hi-Tech

You don’t have to sacrifice all the modern standards when buying an older vehicle. Here are some ways you can update your used car with hi-tech compatibility add-ons. Continue reading

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How to Host a Safe Holiday Party This Season

If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, there are many things you can to do to make sure they have a great time at your house and a safe trip home afterwards. Continue reading

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How to Sell Your Old Car Yourself

You may have heard that selling a car yourself, rather than trading it, can result in a better selling price. In many cases, this is true. How do you capitalize on this, and get the most money out of your old car? Continue reading

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