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The Best Way to Buy a Used Car with Poor Credit

Why a used car inspection is one of the best things buyers with damaged credit can do for success during an auto loan. Continue reading

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Window Stickers and Bad Credit Auto Loans

the American Automobile Labeling Act of 1994 was enacted to show new car shoppers where a new car was assembled and where its parts came from.

According to the NHTSA, each new passenger vehicle must display a label with the following information Continue reading

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Total Ownership Costs of a Bad Credit Auto Loan

This means that once you get approved auto loans you need to understand the total monthly expenses that are part of car ownership. Continue reading

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Picking a Lender for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

But if you need to establish your auto credit, how do you find a lender that offers horrible credit auto loans? Continue reading

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Using your Trade In on a Bad Credit Auto Loan

Since most problem credit lenders require a down payment, you’ll need enough trade equity for the down payment. If it isn’t enough, the difference can be made up in cash.

But if you have a negative equity trade, you’ll need to come up with a cash down payment plus enough to cover the negative equity in order to meet the down payment requirements of the lender.
Continue reading

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New Fuel Economy Labels could help Bad Credit Auto Loan Shoppers

Although most poor credit customers will pick an affordable used car, another option is an entry-level new car. The recent news about the new environmental and fuel economy labels that will take effect with the 2013 model year should help finding the most fuel-efficient new bad credit car even easier. Continue reading

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Increase your Approval Chances for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

As part of the recently enacted financial reform bill, any lender that sends you a risk-based pricing notice (whether you’re approved or turned down) has to include, according to FICO, “The key factors or reason codes that adversely affected the credit score, with a requirement to disclose five “reason codes” any time inquiries are a “key factor” that adversely affected the score.” Continue reading

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