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Best Used Cars on Tight Budgets

Back in March Consumer Reports published the results of their latest Annual Auto Survey, which is based on subscriber survey responses covering over a million vehicles. CR’s findings include both the “best used cars” as well as the “worst used cars” in terms of reliability.

Sorting through the results we came up with what we feel are the most affordable used cars in the two most affordable categories for car buyers with less than perfect credit: Continue reading

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Tips on Buying Used Cars with Lousy Credit

We always suggest to consumers with poor credit that are considering financing a used car with their next auto loan that they should first do some research on the vehicle or vehicles they are considering. Continue reading

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Choosing the Best New Cars for Bad Credit Car Loans

Car buyers with bad credit would do well to follow the advice of the experts at Consumer Reports magazine if their auto loan approval includes the option of a new vehicle. Continue reading

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The Best Used Cars for Buyers with Questionable Credit

Car shoppers with bad credit should take a look at the list we’ve compiled from the latest Consumer Reports list of used cars before signing up for an auto loan. Continue reading

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What Not to Buy with a Bad Credit Auto Loan

But in addition to arming yourself with the knowledge of a vehicle’s specifications, you also need to know that car dealers sell a number of other products and services on the “back end” (the car is considered to be the “front end”) of the sales transaction. Continue reading

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Bad Credit and Credit Reporting Errors

Correcting errors on your credit report can save you hundreds of dollars in interest charges even if you still qualify for just a bad credit auto loan after the corrections have been made.

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