Chances are that someone you know is struggling to get out of debt. People in these situations often cut back on everything except for the bare necessities, and would appreciate receiving holiday gifts that will feel like splurges.

Here at Auto Credit Express, we have been helping people make their financial situations brighter for more than 10 years. Many of our clients come to us because they have poor credit due to high medical bills, unemployment or other circumstances beyond their control. That's why we came up with this list of 10 holiday gift ideas that anyone who is pinching pennies is sure to love.

Great Holiday Gifts that Feel Extravagant

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for People Struggling to get Out of DebtAlthough people who aren't trying to get out of debt may take these things for granted, for someone with bad credit the following holiday gifts will feel extravagant:

  1. A Single Loan or Utility Payment. Whether it's the minimum payment on a credit card, their monthly phone bill or their monthly car payment, this gift can help free up money for other things.
  2. Car Detailing. Borrow their car and clean it inside and out.
  3. A Gas Gift Card or Full Tank of Gas. Again, you could borrow the car to do this. Or you could give them a gift card to a gas station that they frequent.
  4. Coffee House Gift Certificate. Penny pinchers often forgo their daily cup of java. A refillable travel mug from their favorite coffee shop would also be appreciated.
  5. Restaurant Gift Certificate. Restaurant meals often go out the window also when you're trying to pay off debt.
  6. Tickets to a Movie, Concert or Play. A night out will be appreciated by your frugal friend. You could even throw in free babysitting if they have children.
  7. Food or Beverages. Get them a gift basket of favorite foods or beverages that they wouldn't normally spend money on. Expensive cheeses, gourmet chocolates, beer from a local microbrewery or a good bottle of wine are excellent choices.
  8. A Massage or Spa Treatment. Getting out of debt is stressful. A massage or spa treatment can be an excellent way for them to relax.
  9. Hair Cut or Hair Coloring. Quality hair cuts and hair coloring get put on hold when money is tight. A trip to their favorite hair dresser will make them feel better about themselves.
  10. Jewelry or Clothes. Something as simple as a new shirt or necklace can make someone feel like a million bucks.

You friend is sure to feel pampered when they receive any of these gifts this holiday season. Of course, if you are watching your budget, you could always request any of these gifts for yourself.

As We See It

The holidays are a time for making people feel special. A small token of appreciation can go a long way. That's why our lenders go out of their way during the holidays, and the rest of the year, to give our customers the gift of affordable auto loans. If you are in need of a new car, be sure to apply for a car loan today, to see how much you could borrow.