So you have decided that you're going to e-file your taxes this year. More than likely, you like many others, find this to be the quickest and easiest way to get your tax return into your account. However because it's so quick some people feel fine holding off until closer to the April deadline to file their taxes. But is that really the best choice to make? Keep reading!

Why Early E-Filing is Better

5 Reasons You Should E-File Your Taxes Early

Here at Auto Credit Express we encourage you to file your taxes as soon as you're able, especially if you are in need of a car! We've talked before about how important getting the most out your tax return is in order to make the of your credit situation. If you still haven't filed yet, we have a reminder on what you need to prepare your taxes as well.

We've listed five reasons below that you'll benefit from the extra effort to get your taxes down sooner rather than later. One major reason to keep in mind is that you never know what the outcome of your tax report will be. By getting them down sooner, you'll have more time to take care of any problems that may arise.

  • Receive Your Refund Faster
    Most online services begin accepting and saving your tax return forms in the beginning of January, while the IRS does not begin to process the forms until closer to February. By having your forms submitted already, they'll be some of the first that are processed.
  • Get it Out of Your Way
    Waiting until the last minute to file even a simple tax form can be stressful. Filing early gives you time to go through your forms with the need of rushing.
  • Avoid the Deadline
    Filing right before the deadline can be costly if any issues arise. The IRS will charge interest on anything past the deadline.
  • Know if You Owe
    If anything should change this year and you end up owing money to the IRS, filing early will give you time to collect any money that is due before the deadline.
  • Stay On Track
    Filing early lets you know what you can expect to receive in your refund. This means you can plan where that money will go; whether it's to bills, furniture, or even a newer vehicle.

File Now So You Can Buy Now

Long story short, filing your taxes early allows you freedom to take care of any financial issue hanging over your head sooner. If purchasing a new or used car, truck or SUV is something you've been needing to do, take care of that now too! Use our easy online application to find out how much you can be pre-approved for using a bad credit car loan. We'll find the dealers in your local area that can help you and your loved ones find the vehicle you've been needing. So file your taxes early and then apply today for your auto financing!