We are all looking for 2014 to be full of hope for growth and a better year. And it sounds like that is just what we can expect to see in the auto industry. In fact, Auto World News says there are about five trends we will see growing at a very quick pace.

Things Trending in the Automotive World

automotive trends 2014

      1. Green Cars
        These vehicles are gaining in popularity and more are being produced daily. This means they'll be available for the average family too.
      2. Online Shopping
        We buy so much online these, why not our car too? Well we're getting closer to that, but for now, dealers are scrambling to get you into the door.
      3. Connectivity
        First it was smart phones, now it's your… car? That's right, cars are becoming the next must have tool for communication with family, friends and social networks.
      4. Self-Driving Cars
        Once a concept of the future, more and more states are allowing the testing of self-driving cars on public roads. Google has been testing them out around Ann Arbor, MI for a while now. We have already seen some of their results with features like auto braking cars and auto parking cars.
      5. Increased sales
        This is probably the most important new! Increased sales mean more competition for your business.

What Does This Mean?

This all sounds like great news, but what exactly does it mean? Well for the most part it means that our economy is making a climb to back to normalcy. But it also means that for you as a buyer, your options are increasing. Dealers and lenders will have more opportunities for you as they try to draw in business.

As We See It

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