With spring right around the corner, many of us are quickly preparing for our annual tax returns. Many of us look forward to having a little extra cash in our pockets. However, you usually end up spending the majority of your return before it really settles into your account. Unless you are using your returns in the right areas, you'll probably not be helping your financial situation improve, including your damaged credit score.

5 Ways To Get the Most Out Of Your Tax Refund

5 Ways to make Your Tax Return Count

Here at Auto Credit Express, our main goal is to help improve your quality of life. Although we mostly look for ways to improve that life with four wheels, we've put together a few ways that you can really make your returns count while improving your damaged or bad credit.

  • Pay Down Your Debt
    Lenders want to see that you're able to make your payments. Your tax refund is a great opportunity to pay down as much as your debt as you can afford. By being able to make a larger payment on your debt, you could not only be closer to paying off your debt but also lowering your interest rates too.
  • Build Up Your Savings
    Often between bills and other daily expenses, many are not able to save very much money for emergencies or other future plans. Take a portion of your return and keep it hidden away in your savings account for when you may have a rainy day.
  • Replace Appliances or Furniture
    Instead of creating more debt, use your refund to pay for any appliances or furniture that need replacing. You'll be able to have good quality items in your home that you and your family need without having to look forward to yet another bill to pay in the future.
  • Save For a Down Payment On a Car
    If you need a vehicle and you have bad credit, having a good-sized down payment will significantly help you get into a vehicle you love. Especially when you have bad credit, a good down payment trumps no down payment every time. Here at Auto Credit Express, we have created a quick and easy application to help you find dealers in your area that will be the most helpful when you need a bad credit auto financing.
  • Treat Yourself
    It's not often that you have extra money to spare. So save a little to treat you and your family to something you don't normally get to do. Getting new clothes, or seeing a movie in theaters or even taking a small trip in your state are great ways to have a nice little treat for you and your loved ones.

As We See It

While not all these tips are as fun as taking a trip around the world or buying a big screen TV, they will help you have fewer burdens financially. In addition, when you go to make a major purchase, such as buying a new or used vehicle, having the fewest amount of burdens will greatly help you to continue improving your life as well as your loved ones. Use our painless online application to get started on the path to stress-free auto financing today!