Spring is on the horizon as the snow continues to melt away and the ground begins to thaw out. Most of us cheering for Spring, however even this season can cause all sorts of issues and troubles for car owners. The warmer weather brings with it a different sort of attack on your vehicle: bugs. It's not unusual to walk around to the front of your vehicle an find it practically carpeted with bugs that were plastered on while driving at high speeds. Besides taking away from the other attractiveness of your car, truck or SUV, these little bugs can cause quite a problem for you.

Cleaning and Removal Tips

A Buggy Problem

Anyone that has tried to clean off bugs from the grill and bumper of their vehicle can testify that it is no easy feat. You may be tempted to just leave them, but that could be a big mistake. When bugs make a splat on your car's paint, they excrete an enzyme that will erode away your paint. All of a sudden you'll have a much larger bill to pay to fix this new problem. Try a few of these tips to take care of your buggy situations:

  • For fresh bugs, try using a microfiber towel and a quick detail cleaner to wipe clean. This is a good way to keep from wiping off any wax from your vehicle.
  • For bugs that may have been on your grill for a bit longer, you may need a little more elbow grease and a more powerful cleaner. Use a sponge and stronger cleaner that is made for detailing so you don't damage your vehicle, but scrub harder to get the stubborn bugger off.
  • Let's say you decided to drive through a swamp or the wetlands, so your vehicle is really covered in bugs. In this case, it's recommended to soap down the front of your vehicle with warm water and quality soap. Use a honeycomb textured sponge to gently scrub away the bug gunk with a back and forth motion.
  • Another method is to use detailing clay. This is commonly used to remove paint overspray but is also very effective in removing bugs. Simply rub the bar gently across the surface of your vehicle and it will grab at the bugs and remove them. Make sure you use the appropriate lubricant with it so you don't ruin your vehicle finish.

Protect Your Paint

Besides bugs, your vehicle battles against other agents of destruction regularly. Things like tar, tree sap and bird droppings can cause you a major headache later. It's important to remove these as soon as possible so your don't ruin your paint and keep the value of your vehicle as high as possible. Otherwise, those bugs can cause you a big problem when you go to trade in your vehicle and they've knocked the value down. It also helps to make sure you get your car, truck or SUV looked at by a professional when determining it's value. That's where Auto Credit Express can help you by cutting out all the time wasted searching by sending you directly to the right dealer. It all starts with our bug-free online application. Apply today!