It is that time of year again when families gather, celebrate, and reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. That moment of reflection, especially for those of us at Auto Credit Express, was without a doubt a defining moment within one very large family.

auto financing for the holidays

The staff here recently attended Auto Credit Express’ annual holiday event and a good time was had by all (as you can see from the photos) – with great food and even better conversation. The theme that seemed to carry on throughout these discussions was that of gratefulness, appreciation, and reflection of the growth throughout the company.

It was, in fact, highly evident that the company had grown. The number of staff members had steadily increased over the course of a year from 70 employees to over 100 – and that realization hit as we struggled to fit everyone into our favorite venue.

As we sat down together for the evening and laughed amongst ourselves we all realized just how truly lucky we are to be a part of such great team. Speeches were given by our fearless leaders that reiterated the theme of the night - gratefulness, appreciation, and growth. The amount of gratitude expressed was truly extraordinary and offered a very accurate reflection of the true character and nature of Auto Credit Express.

happy holidays

At ACE, this feeling of appreciation and gratefulness flowed from the newest of employees to those who have helped build Auto Credit Express from the ground up throughout the past 20 years. These feelings of gratitude and pride have fostered innovation while creating a unique work environment that is truly what defines ACE and sets us apart from our competitors. Customer testimonials support the overwhelming effort our team provides in assisting them in rebuilding and minimizing the day to day struggles those with bad credit may face. We take care of everyone, because Auto Credit Express has taken such great care of us!

This holiday season we would like to take a moment to thank our customers for their unwavering support over the years. Have a safe and happy holiday!