While there’s no one test that proves electric cars are better, they definitely pose some benefits compared to gas-fueled vehicles. They save consumers money, and help the environment in terms of overall health and pollution. Many consumers are moving toward electric vehicles (EVs). AAA conducted a survey that said about 20 percent of Americans were likely to buy an electric car in the near future – an increase from 15 percent in 2017.

Best Used Electric Cars

Are Electric Cars Better?Many of the newer EVs, such as the Tesla Model S and BMW i3, are the talk of the town in the electric car world. But, their price points and long-term costs are far from affordable for the average car buyer. The good news is if you’re considering going green, you won’t need to drop a lot of money on the car, and many used EV models are just as reliable as the new ones.

Out of the pure battery-operated vehicles on the market, two great used electric cars are the Nissan LEAF and the Ford Focus Electric. Ranging from model years 2011 to 2016, both EVs have reasonable price points. Either one is great for first-time EV buyers, and can help familiarize them with the “greener” lifestyle.

Advantages of Electric Cars

You might be asking yourself about what the advantages of having an electric car are beyond saving on gasoline. You’d be surprised by how electric vehicles impact the quality of life for people. For one, gas from exhaust emissions produces harmful air pollution that affects air quality. EVs don’t run on gas, which means no tailpipe emissions, so they help with better air quality. Secondly, many EV manufacturers continue the green trend by using eco-friendly materials to build their cars, such as using recycled materials in fabricating the interior and for some exterior parts.

Finally, the biggest benefit to EVs is the overall cost to maintain them. You don’t need to worry about maintenance procedures common to gas-powered cars because EVs are battery operated. The biggest costs you have to worry about, maintenance-wise, are replacing the tires and the battery pack. But since most batteries last well over 100,000 miles and are covered under warranty, the likelihood of running into major issues is slim.

The Future is Green

While electric cars are still relatively new to the automotive world, they offer many advantages. EVs are the future and they can save you money on gas, as well as help out the environment.

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