Warning: This story is not for the faint of heart. It is totally true and truly horrifying, but it is a cautionary tale that may save you from a terrible fate. Read on if you dare, but you may wish to keep the light on . . .

Here at Auto Credit Express, we understand how bad credit can happen. We work with all different kinds of credit. And we know that damaged credit sometimes starts just like this:

It All Started Out so Innocently . . .

Attacking the Revolving Credit Beast

Jill was 24 years old when she received The Offer. She had been pre-approved for a $2,500 line of credit, and there would be 0% interest on that credit for the first 6 months.

Jill had just started a new job and she wanted to present a professional appearance at her office. She needed clothes, shoes and SO many other things, but she didn't really have a lot of extra money to spend at the moment. This credit card opportunity seemed like the perfect solution.

But, WAS IT???

It could have been, but Jill spent MORE THAN SHE COULD REALLY AFFORD and was then only able to pay the minimum amount that that was due every month! Eventually, her credit card bill was TURNING INTO A MONSTER!

And then the worst thing ever happened. Jill was LAID OFF and suddenly unable to even make her MINIMUM PAYMENTS on her debt. The interest and late fees just kept GROWING AND GROWING AND . . . AAAAHHHHHHH!

You CAN Fight Back.

This particular scary story actually ends on a positive note. Jill fought back. She got a new job, regrouped and decided to rebuild her credit. She then contacted Auto Credit Express and this was the start to her eventually finding a financial Happy Ever After.

If, like Jill, you have been a victim of the Revolving Credit Beast and your credit still bears the scars, Auto Credit Express can help you secure a bad credit auto loan that you can use to start eliminating your past financial horrors. Even IF you've created a monster, we can work with you and at least get that thing de-clawed. Just fill out our fast, simple and secure online application and start to sleep better at night!