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Understanding Lease Equity Understanding Lease Equity

Typically, leased vehicles aren't worth more than their residual value at the end of a lease. Consumers nearing the end of a lease, however, should first check their vehicle's value before turning it in; otherwise, they could be leaving money on the table.

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New Cars Somewhat More Affordable New Cars Somewhat More Affordable

Although the average price of a new car is a bit more affordable, borrowers should choose a reasonable vehicle if they're financing one with a subprime loan. Doing that as well as maximizing the down payment while keeping both the loan term and payment-to-income ratio to a minimum will go a long way towards ensuring the successful completion of a high-risk car loan.

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Auto Insurance Coverage with Poor Credit Auto Insurance Coverage with Poor Credit

If you have problem credit, it's important to realize that taking out a subprime auto loan (or any auto loan, for that matter) will require that you buy full coverage auto insurance. And while it's important that you get the right deductibles for both collision and comprehensive coverage, it's also necessary that you have enough liability coverage, as well.

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Title Washing on the Increase Title Washing on the Increase

With the practice of title washing on the rise, consumers, especially those with credit issues, should be careful where they shop when buying a used car. In addition to requesting a Carfax or some other brand of vehicle history report, car shoppers should have any vehicle they serious about buying inspected by a certified master mechanic as well as a body and frame specialist.

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