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Craigslist Auto Sales Scam Craigslist Auto Sales Scam

Credit-challenged consumers who want to cash in their current vehicle might want to consider doing so at a dealership as opposed to a website like Craigslist. Even though they might not get top dollar for it, the extra money might not be worth the hassle or the chance of becoming involved in a car buying scam.

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Lease to Own Financing with Poor Credit Lease to Own Financing with Poor Credit

There is certainly nothing wrong with a lease to own vehicle if a borrower's credit is really bad and they have no other alternative. On the other hand, if they can qualify for a subprime loan, the advantages include newer vehicles with lower miles, vehicle warranties that often cover the entire loan term and the chance to reestablish their credit and improve their credit scores.

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Getting Ready for a Subprime Car Loan Getting Ready for a Subprime Car Loan

The first thing borrowers should do before applying for a car loan is to check their credit reports (and correct any errors) and find out at least one of their credit scores. In addition, if they have poor credit and are self employed, they will need at least two years of professionally prepared tax returns showing after-expense proceeds from the business that meet the minimum requirements of subprime lenders.

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