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Auto Loan Terms Continue to Increase

The trend toward longer loans and higher payments is not a good one – especially for borrowers with problem credit – as this increases interest charges as well as the length of time a borrower is upside down in the loan.

Borrowers with credit issues, in particular, should keep the loan term and amount financed as low as possible so they can trade out earlier and into another vehicle with a more manageable interest rate.

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More Lender Rules for Poor Credit Car Loans

If you have credit issues, everything else being equal, the more stability you can prove the better your chances of a loan approval. In addition to stability, the type of vehicle you’re considering as well as who you plan on buying it from also enter into the equation.

Likewise, bankruptcy situations as well as application accuracy are also important.

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Toyota Expands Military Rebate Program

It may be stretching it a bit to say that this will help all members of the military and their families that have poor credit, since it probably won’t. But the fact is that even if a few of these buyers can take advantage of the expanded program, it represents a step in the right direction.

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Bankers See More Auto Loan Risk Ahead

The latest survey of bank risk managers shows there’s a bit of caution in the car loan sector. To better their chances of an

approval, consumers with past credit issues need to make sure they have a down payment and, if a trade in is involved, any negative equity is offset by cash.

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6 Coolest New Cars for Bad Credit Buyers

Not all buyers with credit issues will be given the option of financing a new car, but if you are and the approval is through one of the franchises listed above, you probably wouldn’t go wrong choosing any one of these “cool” cars.

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Problem Credit New Car Loans Increase

The good news for car buyers with bad credit is that subprime lenders are increasing looking at new cars as a finance option. On the other hand, both new and used car interest rates are climbing.

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Qualifying for a Car Loan with Poor Credit

We previously looked at finding a lender as well as the income guidelines the majority of lenders follow, while today we’re going to go over the bane of people applying with no credit history: time in the bureau.

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