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Not All High Risk Car Loans are Equal

Consumers that have experienced past bad credit that are in the car market are sometimes unable to distinguish between the auto loan programs

offered by the special finance departments of franchised new car dealers and those offered by buy here pay here car lots.

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Experian Reports Slight Rise in Poor Credit Auto Loan Delinquencies

Car buyers facing credit issues should be aware of the fact that the latest report from Experian Automotive finds that finance company auto loans to consumers with bad credit experienced an increase in the 30-day delinquency rate during the fourth quarter of 2012.

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The Ten Cheapest New Cars for February

Applicants visiting our site that have experienced some type of past bad credit often ask if it’s possible to finance a new car with the auto loans our dealers offer.

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Spending Less for Car Insurance

But there is a type of auto insurance that, even under these circumstances, could make the car insurance premiums for some people with questionable credit more affordable.

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Avoiding Recalled Cars for Sale

It’s a fact that more car buyers with less than perfect credit choose to finance used cars because they’re usually more affordable. But, among other

things, there’s also the chance that they may be checking one out that has one or more open recalls.

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How to Avoid Financing Flood Damaged Cars with Poor Credit Auto Loans

Knowing that people with credit problems are especially susceptible to buying cars that may have hidden damage, it’s important that they know how to tell if the car they are considering financing falls into this category.

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Reducing the Costs of New Car Ownership

A program offered by Mazda dealers could help car buyers with questionable credit save money on routine car maintenance.

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