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You Can Buy a Car with Bad Credit

Here at Auto Credit Express we’ve found that the reports from Experian Automotive, even those that don’t directly address the issues of poor credit buyers, often contain valuable information about higher-risk auto loans.

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Buying a Car with Child Support Payments

Car buyers who are responsible for or receive child support income need to know, beforehand, how this might affect their chances for a car loan

approval, especially if their credit is less than perfect.

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Buying a Car with Bad Credit Tips

For consumers with questionable credit choosing not just the right vehicle but also the right kind of vehicle can be critical to accomplishing the goals of

completing a car loan while reestablishing their auto credit.

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Getting a Car Finance Bad Credit Instant Decision

We frequently get questions from consumers with questionable credit about whether or not it’s possible to get a preapproved car loan.

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Understanding Why Your FICO Scores are Different

Even with all the information available on our web site and elsewhere we continue to come across car shoppers with questionable credit that don’t understand why the credit score used for their auto loan approval isn’t the same as the one they have.

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How to Buy a Car with No Credit

Unlike the older cars sitting on BHPH car lots, the vehicles that subprime auto lenders generally finance are newer and require higher levels of insurance coverage. In addition to that, car buyers with problem credit should also include in their budgets all the other expenses involved before signing on the dotted line for an auto loan.

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Options for Buying a Car with Bad Credit

Finance managers at car dealerships refer to it as “protecting a loan” and the fact is that even if you have poor credit it’s always a good idea to have an understanding of the basics of how credit life insurance works with auto loans.

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