In an effort to make it easier for consumers to understand the bad credit car loan process, Auto Credit Express launches a new user friendly web site designed to help customers make an educated buying decision.

What is Auto Credit Express?

Auto Credit Express was started in 1999. Since then, we have been helping customers with bad credit buy a new or low-mileage high-quality used car. At the same time, these customers have a chance to rebuild their credit and raise their FICO scores. In the process, we have processed over 1 million online bad credit auto loans and closed over 1 Billion Dollars in auto loans for Americans and Canadians with bad credit

One of the keys to our success is our web site, Unlike most bad credit sites that are simply “out there”, we have designed our site to be a true destination for customers with credit issues. In addition to a credit application (which, by the way, is SSL encrypted to ensure your privacy), the site also features a loan resource area which explains the loan process. If you have specific questions, you can also contact us at the toll-free phone number (during business hours) listed at the bottom of every page.

What's new on our web site?
We have re-designed the site to make it even easier than ever for you to find the answers you're looking for. Those areas that have proved to be the most popular with our customers are now prominently displayed on our home page. Looking for a loan & down payment estimator? It's new and it's there. What about a financing calculator? It's there, too. One of our newest features, informative videos featuring advice on the loan process as well as information on all kinds of bad credit loans, can also be found here.

Why fix something if it isn't broken?

Our old web site was one of the most popular bad credit car loan sites in America. But, for us, it wasn't good enough simply because we want our customers to have the best buying experience possible. When we say that our objective is “Rebuilding America's Credit”, we're serious.

Pay us a visit.

So visit us at our new web site. Let us explain the benefits of getting financed through one of our affiliated dealers – part of a nationwide network of automotive professionals that specialize in bad credit car finance – and let us get you into a new or pre-owned car while rebuilding your credit at the same time.