Modifying your vehicle can give it a personal touch that sets it apart from thousands of others that are just like it. Although a few car modifications can be positive, there are many that have the potential to drop the resale value when it’s time to purchase a new automobile. Avoiding making these changes to your car will give you the opportunity for getting the best price when you are ready to trade it in.

Excessive Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are one of the most common vehicle modifications that owners make. Although one or two may not be too difficult to remove when selling your car, a large amount can be a problem. Choose only the most important bumper stickers to place on your vehicle or keep from using them at all.

Big and Costly Rims

Purchasing new rims for your car can potentially make it look better, but they can also make it look silly if they are too large or more expensive than the car itself. This can also increase the chances of theft or vandalism. Keeping your current set of wheels will prevent you from losing additional money when it's time to sell your vehicle, as well.

Low Quality Tint Jobs

Car Tint Job

Although a professional tint job can make your vehicle look more distinguished, a low quality one will only make it look cheap and tacky. Air bubbles often form underneath the tint material if an installer is inexperienced or if cheap products are used. This can turn away potential buyers and reduce your vehicle's value.

Expensive and Loud Sound Systems

Adding an expensive sound system may improve sound quality and boost volume, but it could potentially violate noise ordinances. Don't drive a loud car that may get you pulled over by the police. Keep a regular sound system in your vehicle and set the volume at a level that will not annoy others.

Eye-Opening Paint Colors

Painting your car matte black or vibrant yellow can potentially get you a lot of attention. However, it may be best if you keep the original color. Flames, racing stripes, and other designs on a loud paint job can reduce the number of potential buyers for your vehicle and may even lower its value. Play it safe and don't take a chance on losing money by repainting your vehicle.

Rear Wings and Modified Body Parts

Unless you are driving a racecar, don’t add a rear wing or modified body parts. Other motorists are likely to recognize that these are add-ons and may laugh. These will also cost you money over time - especially if you make them from wood or cardboard. In addition, it they're damaged, you may have trouble finding a car insurance company that will take you seriously.

Are You Unhappy with Your Current Car?

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