Even if you have been approved for a bad credit car loan you still need the correct personal identification in order to seal the deal.

Your identification, please

At Auto Credit Express, one of the things that we've noticed that gets overlooked by a few bad credit car loan buyers is the type of identification that is needed in order to take delivery of a car.

A Valid Drivers License

When you take delivery of a car, you will need to present a valid driver's license as proof of identification. We realize that most buyers have already taken a test drive, but in some instances (usually because the car salesman is in a hurry to get you behind the wheel); a copy of the drivers license may not have been made beforehand. And if there is something wrong in this department, things can quickly get sticky.

So here's the lowdown: the license needs to list your current residence (as stated on your credit application) and it needs to be issued from the state in which you claim residence. The license also needs to be current (that is, it cannot be expired). In a few states, even if the license shows that it's current, the dealer also needs to run a check of it against a known database to determine if it's valid. If it isn't, the deal is off.

The procedure

The salesman will then make a copy of the license for the deal folder and then place it in the deal folder along with the rest of the loan documents.

The Bottom Line

When you take delivery of your new car, whether through conventional or subprime car loan financing, make sure you bring a current, valid driver's license with you. At Auto Credit Express we know that if you don't, you will be unable to take possession of your new car.