It would seem like the easiest way for consumers with bad credit to obtain a car loan is by applying for bad credit car loans with instant approval.

Why you should believe us

At Auto Credit Express we've spent close to 20 years focusing on consumers with bad credit and helping these same individuals raise their credit scores and reestablish their car credit by financing a vehicle with a bad credit car loan. Along the way, we try to provide our applicants with the kind of information they need in order to make an educated decision on whether or not to apply for a bad credit loan, as well as furnish them with the tools necessary to determine how much of a car payment they can afford. This is important, since a poor decision can trap them in a loan they can't afford which might actually lower their FICO scores even further.

As with anything else, the key to a successful bad credit car loan is focusing on the basics. In this case, it means wading through the different types of offers that appear in internet search results.

Guaranteed instant credit approval and more

How many times have you seen the following headlines in search results: Car Loans with Guaranteed Instant Credit Approval, Guaranteed Credit Approval, Bad Credit, No Credit, No Problem, Car Credit Approval Instantly, Get Online Approval In Seconds, 100% Bad Credit Approval Guaranteed?

The fact is you see these ads in various forms all the time, whether it's on the internet, in the classified sections of newspapers or in fliers through the mail. The important thing to understand is that just because these ads appear on the internet, in your local newspapers or delivered to your mailbox does not make the companies, themselves, legitimate.

How, then, can you tell the difference between a legitimate company, such as, and the hundreds of others out there requesting that you send them your private information?

First assignment: do your homework

As a consumer, even one with bad credit, if you have the time to read these ads, you also owe it to yourself to investigate the companies that are placing them. If it is an internet ad, you should go to one of the sites that will tell you who owns the domain name. These sites include companies such as, and

Companies that are actually in business to help you will have their names, contact people and phone numbers listed as a registration source. Other companies have a “blind” company listed under their registration name. If a company is truly interested in helping consumers, why would they attempt to hide their name and location (such as being registered with Domains by Proxy, Inc.)? You should also check with the Better Business Bureau in your local area as well as nationally to see if any complaints have been made against the company and, if so, were they resolved.

Second assignment: Does “guaranteed credit approval” with bad credit make sense?

Finally, you should ask yourself if the offer seems too good to be true. You don't have to have 20 years experience in the retail auto business to make that kind of decision.

Are there legitimate businesses out there that will help you if you have experience credit problems? Absolutely, there are. Will these businesses guarantee you credit approval? No, there is no way that they can (as an example, if you've had a recent car repossession after a closed bankruptcy, there is no national lender that will offer you a loan).

The Bottom Line

As a legitimate company, we at Auto Credit Express will promise you that we will help you to the best of our ability. If you go to our car loans with instant credit approval page, you will not see wild promises or instant guarantees. What you will see is a way to educate yourself regarding loan qualifications and budget requirements for a bad credit car loan. You will also see the Better Business Bureau logo on the site. It's as simple as this: Education and trust – the two cornerstones to building a relationship between you and us.

For more information, please visit to see what we can do for you.