It’s that time again. Get the party favors, the chips and dip and beverages ready because it’s time for the 2014 NFL Championship game. Because of its large audience, advertisers know that this is one of the biggest opportunities of the year to get their products seen by a vast audience.

Thus, it has become tradition for people to get excited about seeing the TV ads during the breaks. In doing so, the annual event has gone from being a sports fan-only event to being a widespread one, as now people who are not sports fans will tune in simply to see the new offerings by advertisers for the year.

We here at Auto Credit Express wanted to commemorate the occasion by bringing you five highlights from the past years of car commercials. Your mileage (bad pun intended) may vary.

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo 'Dream' Commercial

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Commercial

Audi Commercial Starring Jason Statham

Chrysler Eminem Commercial - Imported From Detroit

Honestly? We love these commercials. But here at Auto Credit Express, we also know that these multi-million dollar time slots also don't do much to address people buying a car with bad credit. So, once the Big Game is over and if you find yourself in need of a new car, even if you have damaged or no credit, just remember. Auto Credit Express has been helping people like you get into great automobiles for over 20 years; we can give you a reason to be as excited as those commercials say you should be.