Taking a look at the latest list of "Best Family Cars" from Kelley Blue Book we come up with a couple of those vehicles that might work for families with poor credit

The best vehicles for credit repair

Car buyers with less than perfect credit may find it particularly challenging when purchasing a new family vehicle. That's because choosing the right one can mean years of enjoyment while choosing a vehicle that proves to be unsuitable can result in years of misery before it can finally be traded in.

That's why the latest "Best" vehicle list from Kelley Blue Book seems so timely.

According to Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book's KBB.com, the vehicles they considered were "Evaluated on comfort and driving, safety, child seats, cargo space, rear-seat entertainment, and extra features."

The process began with a group of 23 vehicles including three minivans, four compact SUVs, four mid-size SUVs, two full-size SUVs, two full-size sedans, three mid-size sedans and two full-size pickup trucks. There also were three compact cars which Nerad describes as "often the first choice for anyone on a budget."

Most of those vehicles are too costly for credit-challenged buyers, especially when you factor in the interest rates charged by high-risk lenders. Fortunately, two of the three compact cars landed on their "Best" list.

Kelley Blue Book Best Family Cars of 2015

Compact Cars

2015 Honda Civic

Kelley Blue Book had this to say, "While it's obvious that you won't be fitting a clan of eight in a Civic, Honda's venerable 5- passenger compact sedan is a viable family car all the same. And the attributes that make the Civic shine in general become all the more meaningful for busy families."

The editors at Kelley also appreciated the Civic's efficient size, standard rearview camera and fuel economy, wrapping it up this way: "With a sub-$20,000 starting price, the Civic enables young families to get into a new car yet still afford to save for college tuition. And given the Civic's track record of reliability, it will likely still be ticking when the kid is ready for university."

2015 Kia Soul

Weighing in on the Kia Soul, KBB.com felt that "It's loaded with value, efficiency and versatility, making the Soul a great option for younger families. It also happens to be fun to drive and fuel-efficient, with fuel economy as good as 31 mpg on the highway with the larger of two available 4-cylinder engines."

KBB.com also liked its sub-$16,000 base price, optional luxury features and 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, wrapping it up by noting that "Young families just starting out need a versatile, affordable car that can do it all. There aren't many compact cars that offer the same level of versatility as Kia's hatch. The Soul can take care of business for a family -- and it looks good doing it."

The Bottom Line

Both of these vehicles not only represent a good value but also have a starting MSRP of under $20,000 – of particular importance to borrowers with tarnished credit. In addition, according to KBB.com, either one would be a good choice for a new vehicle.

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