One thing you may have heard about bad credit financing is that it's a lie. At least that's what my father used to tell me; of course, he thought all dealerships and lenders were out to get everyone.

We know that many out there feel the same as my father, so it is not surprising that you may be wary of lenders; especially when you have the added hurdle of having bad credit. Auto Credit Express is here to tell you that you can count on us to not give you the runaround.

Keeping an Eye Out for Bad Dealers

Bad Credit Auto Financing isn't as Bad as You Think

Admittedly, there are lenders and dealers out there that will try to take advantage of your situation. Some of the tricks to look out for are:

  • The high-pressure sell: If the dealer is imploring you to act fast because "there's only two left" or "this is the only one in this color", be wary. If you can, go to another dealership.
  • The trade-in game: Some dealers will try to make it sound like they are going to give you a great price on your current vehicle, and then try and raise the price of the new vehicle for a greater profit. Keep track of the numbers and other details, such as if the length of the loan term keeps changing. If you feel that this is happening, feel free to walk away from the deal.
  • Bait and switch: You see an ad for a great deal on a car, but when you get to the dealership it's just "been sold". Don't worry though, because they just happen to have another "great deal"… that happens to be thousands more than what you were originally planning to spend.
  • Changing loan details in the fine print: Be sure to get all of the agreed upon interest rates, numbers and fees in writing before you sign any contracts. This will strengthen your position if you see any discrepancies on the contract.

You may feel that you have to give in to these types of tricks simply because of your bad credit. I have news for you: you don't!

As We See It

Here at Auto Credit Express, we work with only the best subprime lenders so you can get a great rate on an auto loan. Once you have filled out the quick and easy online application, we can find the best dealerships for you to work with. Finding you the quality car, truck or SUV that fits your needs and your budget is our goal.