While many of us grew up with the chore of hand washing the family car, these days it's become popular to just drive through the car wash. It's quick and hassle free, allowing us to continue on to our other destinations. Obviously they save you a lot of time and frustration just like Auto Credit Express. However, are they safe for your vehicle or will they cause more damage over time? Well, the answer varies. Read on for more information.

Car Wash Safety Factors

Can automatic car washes cause damage to your car over time?

Several things can cause an automatic car wash to be safe or unsafe; including your own vehicle. Don't be embarrassed to ask questions at your local car wash if you can. After all, this could greatly affect the resale value of your car, truck or SUV. Here is what you want to avoid in the washing bays:

  • Abrasive Brushes
    Many washes have now become 'brushless', which is great news! Brushes can cause scratches and swirls on the surface of your vehicle and cause dirt to get into said scratches.
  • Harsh Chemicals
    These are used to help remove dirt and grit from your vehicle. If they are not removed well, they can actually break down the protective surface of your automobile.
  • High Pressured Water
    Uncontrolled pressured water can cause major problems down the road. The high pressure can force the water into areas that it shouldn't be such as electrical casings.
  • Dirty Rags
    Most manned washes offer some sort of free drying service. However, on busy days it may be difficult for them to change out their towels frequently enough. If you can tell that the rags or towels they've used are well used, just pass on the service.

Protect Your Car's Value

The best car wash is the one in your driveway. Only there will you know for sure that your vehicle will get the best treatment and best products used on it. Make sure to use soft cloths and to gently dry your vehicle. If you use a protective wax, buff it well to prevent dirt getting stuck in the wax and possibly causing damage. Remember that when it comes time to needing a new car, your current vehicle can be a valuable asset even on a bad credit vehicle trade in, so protect it! When you need to find the perfect dealership in your area let us give you a hand! Just complete our online application and we'll find a dealer in your local area that will give you a qualified quote on your current vehicle and access to quality vehicles and financing. Apply Today!