Getting lower payments on a new vehicle is possible; even if your credit is less than sterling.

While some may be okay with a used car, truck or SUV; others have needs and wants that only a new model would be able to satisfy. Luckily, here at Auto Credit Express, we've helped thousands of people reach their goals.

What Will Keep My Monthly Payments Low?

Can I get Lower Payments on a New Car?

When we make a major purchase, we not only want to make sure that we are getting the best price, but also the best value. That is certainly no less true when it comes to a new vehicle.

While only you can determine how much a vehicle will be worth to you by how it suits your needs and wallet, Auto Credit Express can tell you how you can carve down your monthly payments.

  • Choose a Longer Loan Term
    One of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your payments is to simply have a longer loan term. This doesn't come without it's dangers though. Long Loan Terms run the risk of becoming upside down as the vehicle market value goes down. Take this into serious consideration and do a little research before signing.
  • Have a Down Payment
    Another great way to lower payments is to put some money down on the loan. Down payments go directly towards what the total loan amount is. This will mean you have less to pay over the loan term. Even a low payment of $500 could significantly lower your payments.
  • Have a Co-Applicant
    Especially in damaged credit situations, having a co-signer could help strengthen your finance application and therefore lower your monthly payment. This ensures the lender that if you should ever default, that your co-applicant will be able to pick up the slack and cover your payments. Keep in mind this is a major responsibility and risk to the co-signer. Always do your very best to make your monthly payments on time.

One major thing to keep in mind if you're offered a low monthly payment immediately is if it sounds too good, it probably is. Always check the fine print and if something sounds off, then walk away and seek the advice from the experts.


As We See It

At Auto Credit Express, we feel that we've become experts in the field of auto financing; especially for those whose credit is a bit beat up.

We feel this way because we've helped hundreds of thousands of buyers that are in the same boat as you. We helped them find the best dealers in their local area that could offer the best rates and terms.

We'll do the same for you! All you have to do to get started is complete our quick and easy finance application and we'll be in touch with you before you know it. Apply today!