Buying a vehicle is a big purchase that costs a lot of money. But there is a way you can help ensure that you'll buy one at a good price. If you know car dealership secrets, you can use them to your advantage in the car buying process.

Shop at Multiple Dealerships

Car Dealers
One of the first secrets of car buying is to shop at multiple dealerships. You can do this simply by visiting some in your area or going to different automakers' websites and using the "Find a Dealer" tool. Dealers will contact you and will work to earn your business. Be open about talking to different dealerships and they may place more effort in finding you the best deal available. Always ask about the "Out the Door" price, which will ensure that other fees will not be tacked on at the very end.

Avoid Talking about Trade-Ins

Never tell a salesperson that you are looking to trade-in your vehicle before you finalize the price of your new car. Dealers may give you the best offer for your trade-in, but turn around and quote you a higher selling price for the vehicle that you are considering. If a salesperson asks about a trade-in, simply tell him or her that you have not reached a final decision yet.

Concentrate on Large Dealerships

Always shop at large dealerships when you are in the market for a new vehicle. Large dealerships close hundreds of deals every month and typically sell their vehicles at a competitive price. These dealers may be able to offer you other incentives that will help them meet specific sales targets. Since they do so many deals, shopping at larger dealerships will also typically give you the best opportunity for a loan approval as well as a competitive interest rate.

Have a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can also help you. Salespeople and finance managers tend to work harder for individuals that are pleasant and likeable. If you always try to be friendly, you may find yourself with a deal that you are unable to pass up.

Consider Models That Will Soon be Discontinued

If price is a major factor, consider purchasing a car model that will soon be discontinued. Dealerships often sell these models at a lower price to clear out their inventory. This could mean that you could be driving away in a new vehicle while saving a lot of money.

Use Our Auto Financing Secrets if You Have Bad Credit

Our team at Auto Credit Express can help you in the car buying process if you are shopping for a vehicle and have imperfect credit. Fill out our quick online application and we will match you with a local dealership that will give you the best shot at being approved for an auto loan. Car buying has never been easier with our auto financing secrets.