One pastime that many people around the world enjoy is racing all sorts of vehicles. It's this pastime that is responsible for many of the features in the cars, trucks and SUVs that we commute in today. You may assume that some of these features were there all along, but you will be surprised! Keep reading to see what common features were inspired on the racing tracks.

Ten Tech Advances from Racing

  1. Transmissions
    From the manual transmission to the standard automatic and now even the dual manual, you can thank racing for working out the kinks and improvements of a vital part of driving.
  2. Push Start Ignitions
    In a race, time matters. Being able to simply press a button with one hand and shift with the other became a popular and key factor in many racing vehicles and has now become a common feature in many commuter automobiles.
  3. Suspension and Shocks
    If you live near any roads that are known for their potholes, you should be thankful for the always improving shock and suspension system in your car, truck or SUV. Without it you'd likely get a concussion.
  4. Tires
    Yet another feature that is constantly being improved and tested out on the tracks.
  5. Brakes
    Having a quick response time is essential for a good braking system. And there's no better place to test them than speeding around a track with obstacles you may face.
  6. Air Intake
    Since engines create their power from combustion, getting enough air is important! The more a car can breathe, the better it can perform.
  7. Dual Camshafts
    The last time you went car shopping, your dealer may have mentioned a Dual Cam or a DOHC. But what does that mean? In short, a camshaft is a valve that lets exhaust out and air in. By having two, your engine can perform even better.
  8. Exterior Design
    Not so surprising, the way your car is shaped can determine your speed. New models are regularly released with improved designs in order make your ride smooth and easy.
  9. Materials
    While lighter vehicles are certainly faster, it takes the right kind of materials to keep you safe too. New materials are introduced constantly that are light and strong.
  10. Safety
    The most important thing we can learn from racing is how to keep drivers safe on the roads. Every accident helps us learn what needs to improve on in commuter vehicles.
  11. As We See It

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