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Is Your Commute Killing Your Car? Is Your Commute Killing Your Car?

Traveling to work is a fact of life for most people, and the daily slog puts many of us into some kind of rush hour traffic. This can often be the most stressful time of day for people, and for their cars. Paying attention to your vehicle and how it drives is always important. Here, we look at some of the more damaging wear and tear your daily drive may be causing to your car.

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The Importance Of Addressing Recalls The Importance Of Addressing Recalls

It is important to check for recalls and get the issues taken care of as soon as possible because car crashes are dangerous and can be deadly. Vehicles are designed for safety, and when they perform up to their peak standards, they can reduce the risk of death in a crash. But, in vehicles with open recalls, the risk to drivers and others on the road is higher. This is because these vehicles, or some of their features, may not work how they are meant to.

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