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I Am Recently Divorced. Why Can't I Get a Car? I Am Recently Divorced. Why Can't I Get a Car?

According to a 2013 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both parents work in 59.1% of married couples families with children. When you take that into consideration, this suggests that when couples split up, both sides are likely to take a significant financial hit to their income and credit. When you go from a two income family to one single income, there are a few things that can negatively affect your chances for getting auto loan approval.

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Online Car Loan Scams Go Mobile Online Car Loan Scams Go Mobile

Like many neighborhoods there are thieves hoping to take advantage of the unwary. But instead of ripping off flat screen televisions these people are more than content to steal an individual's private information so they can assume that identity. Down the road this can make it difficult even for those with bad credit to qualify for an auto loan

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