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Letting Your Car Take the Wheel Letting Your Car Take the Wheel

As automakers take strides to improve vehicle technology, we are coming ever closer to taking a passenger seat - or at least to doing less driving while we are in the driver’s seat. Though driverless cars are still a distant promise for the everyday consumer, the technology needed to make this future a reality is already well in place, thanks to the telematics industry.

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America's $73 Billion Parking Problem America's $73 Billion Parking Problem

Of all the hours people spend in their cars, some of the most frustrating are those spent in search of parking. Americans, and much of the world, in fact, are plagued with an excess of parking costs and hours spent looking for that elusive spot. Washington-based transportation analytics company INRIX combined research from the world’s largest parking database with surveys from almost 6,000 U.S. drivers across 10 cities, and what it found was staggering. Findings show that we waste $73 billion a year looking for parking in the U.S. alone.

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