Even though it's been around for almost 150 years, Memorial Day still holds an important meaning in many American's hearts.

We all celebrate this day a little different, but here at Auto Credit Express we want to remind you that there remain five things that this day brings that we all can enjoy.

The Five Best Things about Memorial Day

Celebrating Memorial Day

Memorial Day was created in order to commemorate the fallen men and women that have died while serving in the United States Military.

We carry part of this tradition with us today and add a few of our own too. There are many reasons why Memorial Day is special, but we think these are the top five.

  1. Pausing in Remembrance
    The most important part of this day, is pausing and taking a moment to remember why we have it. Since its original establishment in the 1800's, there have been many fallen soldiers to remember gratefully. Let's also not forget the many men and women still defending the freedom we enjoy daily.
  2. Friends and Family
    Memorial Day is a great time to gather with your friends and family for a fun, light-hearted time outdoors. Many businesses close for most or all of the day giving you some extra time to enjoy those who you love most.
  3. Food and Drinks
    It wouldn't be a good list if we left these off! Between all the heavenly grilled deliciousness and the chilled sweet treats to the refreshing beverages we enjoy, how can you not have these at your celebration? All we ask is that you remember to drink responsibly at parties with alcohol.
  4. Summer Kick-off
    Memorial Day is basically the gateway to all those summer memories that we know you're looking forward to making. Warmer days are ahead my friend, get out there and enjoy them!
  5. Great Sales
    For those of us that like to hunt down the perfect bargain; this might be your day. From shoes to movies, you're likely to find an amazing deal. For those of you looking for a better vehicle, many dealerships offer special rates for this holiday. Take a few moments now to complete our form for the best dealers in your local area.

There are many more reasons why Memorial Day is so grand. Many of us celebrate in different ways and have different traditions. However, there's no denying that these five things are usually part of everyone's Memorial Day.

As We See It

Memorial Day is one of the most celebrated days of the year, and it's no wonder why. From Auto Credit Express we wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! If you do decide to use this time to find an epic deal on your next vehicle, don't hesitate to use our customized form to find the best dealer in your area today!