When you're looking for a new vehicle to buy, it feels only natural to start looking at specific cars that you might be interested in before getting approved for auto financing. But when you have damaged credit, you may have trouble getting exactly what you want.

We recently had a question from a car buyer who was looking for a specific model car.

"I've been discharged from my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I have a good reliable income, and I want a car. I am looking for a Saturn Sky Red Line. Do you have loans where I can pick the car or dealer?"

The answer to this question is that we do not finance auto loans. We work with a nationwide network of car dealers who specialize in subprime auto financing. We connect you with the car dealer who is best equipped to deal with your unique financial situation. This means that your vehicle choice will be limited to the inventory that the selected dealer has to offer.

Furthermore, while this buyer says they have the reliable income to afford a car, they have already put themselves at a disadvantage by selecting a car before they have even found a dealer who can help.

Putting the Car Before Your Auto Financing

Not all dealers can help car buyers with subprime credit. To get the best deal possible, you need to work with a dealer who is qualified in subprime auto financing. It is better for you to find the right dealer first before choosing a specific vehicle brand or model.

Auto Financing

Once you find a dealer whom you know can work with your situation, they will help you determine your monthly payments before selecting a vehicle. Knowing what you can afford will help you narrow your focus to the best-fitting vehicle you qualify for from the available inventory.

With this in mind, keep an open mind about your vehicle choice. Now is not the time to seek out your dream car. Get what works best now, and rebuild your credit history so you can get the best rates and offers on your future car purchases.

Your Search Starts Here

Don't waste your time going from dealer to dealer in order to find subprime auto financing. The team here at Auto Credit Express can connect you to the dealership nearest you that can help you get the vehicle you need. Once you complete our fast and secure online application, we will arrange a time for you to meet with the dealer. From there, they will work with you to get the car you need. Start today!